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Sumerland 2015
Summerland 2015 and the week after. The last 2 weeks have been
wonderful. I attended my first summerland festival located in southern Ohio.
This is an ADF festival, and as I joined ADF earlier this year I decided to
attend. Well, not just decided, my friend...

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Today is a good day, aside from having to leave work early to get steroids to treat my poison ivy. I always put it off, when I should know that I need them for my body to get over the rash, the sooner I get them the quicker I heal. This post however is abou...

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This is on the July rune draw page, but I think it should be here also.
73:  Wednesday
July 29 th , (Rune Drawn: Laguz) : So I drew this rune, and was
thinking about it. It can mean success in an upcoming trip, with the possibility
of loss. I am planning a trip to Indianapolis this weekend to attend another Lughnassadh   ri...

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Daily Rune Draws June 2015
Day 55:  Tuesday June 30 th , (Rune Drawn: Jera)   A year, a good harvest: The results of earlier efforts are realized. A time of peace and happiness, fruitful season. It can break through stagnancy. Hopes and expectations of peace and prosperity. The promi...

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Wellspring 2015
Well this is going up a few days later than I planned, do to
being tired, then burning myself. I wanted write something up on Wellspring
2015 as this was my first Major Druid event. All in all the weekend was amazing;
the weather aside from Friday over nigh...

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A bag for my Runes
Thank you Amy! Well as I had mentioned before I have finished my set of
handmade runes. I was goig to look around online for a nice sack to keep them
in, but Amy was having none of that. She told me that she would make a bag for
me or help me make a bag. We...

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My 1st Tattoo
It has taken me years but I have finally gotten my 1 st tattoo. This may not seem like a major accomplishment, but for years I had
resigned myself to never having one. Over the years I have attempted other
tattoos, but major issues kept coming up. My 1 st a...

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My Grove necklace is done
Below is a photo on the necklace I have made to hold my grove pendant. if you are interested in the meaning of the various components you can click here . The new necklace is a serious upgrade from my previous necklace, that was made as a place holder for t...

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The Runes are done!
After a bit of hard work, though not as much as it could
have been, my handmade set of Elder Futhark runes are done. I currently have 2
sets that I have bought, a gemstone set that I associate with the Shining Ones,
a set made of Buffalo bone that I use for...

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The Altar is ready.
I have for a while been gathering item to create an altar in
my bedroom. I do plan on making an outside alter at some point also, but this
was really the first step. I have a few more Items I am working on, something O
want to change, but the altar is now i...
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