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Since the USA is now going to hell and renouncing any role on the world stage, should Great Britain take the lead now in international politics and become a peace maker??

Open a British embassy to Palestine in Jerusalem?

The sad thing is. If EA charged a monthly subscription for Battlefail 2, they would sell less games and get less hate.

Not that I would buy the shit. Battlefront 2 original for me please. Just get a collection of modders to rework the textures. Maybe build it from scratch using the half life source engine??

Ah so Junker has been flying around spending money like its going out of fashion in a corporate jet. Not with ys paying you arent mate!!

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The 2004 Ford GT. Brought to life as a re-imagined version of Ford's historical LeMans winning GT40, with around 4000 examples being produced in the 2004-2006 build slot.
It's hard not to like this car. Even on first sight and years after it's debut, it's low slung with swoopy body work and just looks perfect. The details are just delicious, the lights, the wheels, even the interior is modern but with a slightly retro feel. Add in the effect of those racing stripes and I'm sold. To round off the effect you have some fairly hefty and sticky looking footwear. Being something of a special build vehicle, the overall package and interior have been the product of thoughtful development. Under those aluminium body panels, there is a cleverly formed frame that makes up the centre of the chassis, all in one door panels and even a magnesium dash. The drivetrain is a bit special, too. The 5.4 litre V8 is fashioned from aluminium, not cast iron, the valvetrain is unique to the car, the cylinder heads are rejigged to add strength and slapped on top is a twin screw supercharger. Net result: 550hp and around 500 ft/lbs. The manual transmission is from Ricardo and there is also a mechanical limited slip diff within the rear axle. All the recipes for a serious drivers car.

Off we go and the engine is your centrepiece. It's a magnificent thing with a great swell of torque in the mid range making 3rd, 4th and 5th gears a great experience. The manual shift is steady but suits the relaxed power delivery and you aren't having to stir the gearbox too rapidly anyway. The engine delivers the sound track of a slightly tamed NASCAR and you can hear the whine of the supercharger on top. The red line arrives all too predictably at 6500rpm but in 5th 196mph is readily attainable. 6th gear feels rather taller and aerodynamic drag reins in on the fun, but the theoretical top speed is around 205mph.
The chassis is compliant and rides well, suiting the entire package. It's not a car that ever places demands on the driver, there is no harshness to the ride of steering. The front axle lacks total bite and the steering is slightly slow to respond but it does offer good feel to the road ahead. You can't wrong foot the rear axle whatsoever and the car is steadfastly neutral. The ability to give power oversteer at low speeds is present but it feels forced, at higher speeds and in contrast to many mid engined cars there is no snap oversteer and the car remains neutral nearly as you feel all four tyres being worked equally until grip is exceeded.
A very easy car to drive quite quickly then, but lacking a bit of overall drama. It's been rounded off and feels as though it's been deliberately made to be more user friendly which in actuality does mean more of the performance is easily exploitable then. A worthy addition to anyone's garage in my opinion, but the thrill seekers won't find it hardcore enough. 7 out of 10.

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Welcome to the Noble M600.

Noble claim this is a hypercar. They obviously got the wrong memo. This car is only 450K to buy new, has a plain 6 speed manual gearbox, a mere 650 horsepower and no hybrid system whatsoever. Does this sound anything like a hypercar to you yet?

Moving on swiftly, the M600 is a huge departure for Noble in many ways but not in others. Anyone with fond memories of caning an early Noble will remember the glassfibre body work and space frame chassis. Step forward into the 21st century and you have the space frame chassis but carbon fibre clothing. It's a compact and sleek looking thing and immediately begins to look more like a low flying jet aircraft than a car. The looks won't agree with everyone though- I personally don't like the rear because it looks unfinished to me, and the interior, though hewn from quality materials, just looks wrong for a car of this calibre. Ho-hum...

The Noble formula is (sort of) retained in the engine bay. Stuffed behind the firewall is a very trick Yamaha developed 60 degree 4.4 litre V8, which is normally found in upmarket Volvos in North America- where it is transversely mounted. Making it an ideal and amazingly compact package just perfect for duty in a funky 2 seater low flying jet. Throw in the plumbing for a fairly hefty turbocharger feeding each bank at 14 PSI, and the legendary Yamaha toughness borne out of their experience marine engine expertise and you have a very serious and intriguing proposition on your hands.

And the drive itself. Heck. That engine isn't so much as an internal combustion engine as a 650 horsepower rocket motor. This car propels itself up the road like a stabbed rat. In the blink of an eye that 800 and something newton-metres has catapulted you along into the horizon. This is a 21st Century Ferrari F40, on amphetamine. The boost is basically dumped into the cylinders without a backward glance, over 600Nm is available as low as about 3000rpm. Noble claim 0-100mph is achieved in barely 6.5 seconds and I can believe it. 4th, 5th and 6th gear make no difference in how fast the dial on the speedometer advances. Flat out at 7000rpm you will be touching 225mph... Yes, the M600 can do hypercar like things, above about 140mph. Instinctively, I don't believe it can pass through the gears like the big sticker machines but certainly you have 80% of the experience available in this car.
The handling is more than capable, too. For such a delicately proportioned machine, the mechanical grip is excellent, and the high speed stability makes you question just how fast you can enter corners. The aero must be very very cleverly designed into the body because this car sticks and then some, all the time the car is trying to convince you to do it faster and faster still, until before long you are cornering and the needle is approaching 200mph....
The ride is very firm as you might expect but it rounds off the worse of road imperfections and will let you survive high speed encounters with them. Just. You won't believe it but you aren't actually about to be spat off the road when you hit a minor bump - you should survive 99% of the time. The front axle is direct, pointy and responsive and will do it's best to match whatever input you throw at it provided you aren't hard on the throttle into the tighter bends. The rear end is balanced and poised, and whilst those huge tyres are easily overcome by the sheer grunt from that rocket motor in the lower gears, in actual fact, the car's default handling balance is deliciously neutral. Push too hard and there is a gentle tug of understeer, and the transition to oversteer is delicate and quite refined. It's completely at odds with the sheer drama inside the cabin as you remain in pure Stefan Bellof mode literally tearing through the atmosphere like an F16 pilot flying 2 feet above sea level. Even fairly lurid slides are possible and they don't feel particularly dramatic either, until you realise it is happening at 160mph+...
It's not all good news though I'm afraid. That engine, I don't know what the heck is wrong with the exhaust or intake system but it has a nasty bout of resonance within it, almost like part of the exhaust system is loose. The engine note is thrashy and gravelly, and will not endear itself to anyone who is a fan of the big names in refinement. Running that car at say 220mph it becomes a battle of wills just to have the confidence to stay there as you begin to wonder if the engine is about to drop all it's valves, it certainly sounds like something catastrophic is imminent.
The other issue is that the engine has this big on/off boost character. Couple that with an imprecise manual shift that doesn't want to be rushed and you get a drivetrain which is often fighting the suspension. Shift at the wrong point and you can nearly upset the car's balance as it fights to get the drive restored to the road. It's very frustrating when you are simply trying to make fast progress. I've no complaints with the engine when it's advancing through the revs, but you can't mask what is otherwise a big hole in the overall feel of the car. Perhaps I have become spoiled by automated manual gearboxes and the hybrid systems in the big name cars are obviously filling some gaps here and there, but it does make driving the car fluidly quite difficult as corners become a sequence of natural interruptions instead of a nearly fluid process. Cut drive, throttle off, boost dies, shift, throttle on, boost returns, reconnect's quicker to read that than actually do it, maybe the intake system needs a rethink or maybe it's flywheel and clutch related but it just doesn't feel right.

Overall then, I'm utterly in two minds. There is no question the Noble M600 deserve to be in the hypercar bracket, and in truth, when you are above about 140mph it begins to feel like one of the hypercars purely from the technical competence it has. It offers a far more genuine, almost analogue, driving experience compared to some of it's rivals and is staggeringly fast for the money. My problem however, is this. You have the promise of a perfect union between modern technology and serious firepower accessed through three pedals and a manual gearbox. What you automatically assume to be it's greatest strength is in fact, it's weakest area and is out of character for such a focused machine. It's a deal breaker for me as it stands, hence I would have to give a somewhat dismayed 6 out of 10.

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The Nissan 350Z S-Tune.

The 350Z was Nissan's attempt re-enter the ever popular 2 door sports coupe market and it first came to market waaaaaay back in 2003 would you believe. Arriving armed with the near-ubiquitous 3.5 litre VQ35DE V6 engine that found it's way into an entire raft of Nissan cars globally, the engine was then updated over time and won numerous awards for it's efficiency and output.

This car is a slightly different matter than the regular 350Z and in something of a departure from my normal policy of refusing to drive much less review heavily tuned cars I have been asked to review this car and post it here for you to enjoy.

The S-TUNE 350Z was a rare toy indeed in JDM terms and was basically a no-show in European markets. This example sports the typical (and very tasteful) decals and standard livery along with some additions that befit it's use as a track-day toy by it's owner.

First impressions then are good; it's still a handsome machine after all these years, and I think the white paint sets it off. The addition of various aftermarket body parts such as the front and rear valances will undoubtedly divide opinion but I quite like them. The star of the show for me however are the gorgeous forged rims which look hugely expensive.

It is under the hood and chassis that the real magic has been cast. For starters, the clutch, flywheel and driveshaft have been replaced by much lighter and stronger items, and the gearbox has been swapped out for a track orientated version that has a hugely tougher gearset. All this has been done to prepare the drivetrain for the added burden the tuned engine will undoubtedly place on it. The old dampers are out and have been switched for very exotic variable dampers which also usefully lower the ride height. The original roll bars however, still remain and nothing as been stripped from the car in an effort to reduce weight. The interior is near standard and is best described as workman-like. It's no Mercedes, there are no jewels or trinkets here, dials, wheel, vents, pedals. Simple as that. OK.

The engine bay is what you came for and you won't be left disappointed. A typical 350Z left the factory with a shade under 280 horsepower in 2003, yet this car is brandishing 365 ponies and 444Nm of torque. The intake and exhaust systems are heavily revised and the biggest change is that the cams and valvetrain have been heavily modified, in addition to an uprated fuel and ignition system.

All this adds up to a very very sweet driving experience. The engine note is pleasant and has a satisfying howl right up to the 7500rpm red line. The thrust on offer is surprising and the claims of 0-60 in 5.3 seconds are easy to believe. The manual shift is swift and in no way detracts from a very respectable and compelling drive, with the engine issuing a nicely linear lunge through the gears with the cams really getting into action at 4000rpm and a complete banzai occurring at 6000. I did not manage to Vmax the car but I think about 170mph is possibly achievable which puts this car squarely in M3 territory.

The chassis is indulgent and progressive. It's not quite as direct and precise as an M3 or something from the Merc, Jag or Audi stables, but it is not offputting whatsoever. The ride is compliant and not fazed by changes in the road surface but does need some work on being slightly fidgety under power, nothing I am sure that some alterations to the damping can't sort. The beauty of this car is the deliciously creamy over the limit handling. The front is responsive enough though steering feel comes up slightly short, leaving you sometimes second guessing yourself in quite how much lock you need apply on turn-in. The grip is there however, provided you aren't being too optimistic with fairly unspectacular (stock) rubber the car is sat on. Admittedly I drove the car extensively in the wet and at times heavy rain but at no point did the car feel dangerously on the edge or nervous. There is slight body roll which translates into oversteer at speed and the engine is more than capable of overwhelming the rear axle as well, but when the grip does run out, the car is deliciously neutral, and oversteer is easily gathered up. You can issue corrections confidently and be on your way quickly or be more relaxed and just allow for protracted and gentle, though outlandish, slides.

Lets be honest now though. The real question you want to ask is: does this car beat the M3 at it's own game? The S tune does not have the sheer reach or thirst for revs that the E46 M3 has, although in paper the difference in power output would be marginal. Is it point to point quicker in real terms? I have to say I have my doubts. The S tune is a playful and very satisfying car to drive, but I think mechanical grip and traction would come up short against much of the competition. It's undeniably a compelling car to own and I can understand the appeal of it for track outings, but I don't think people will be abandoning their sports saloons wholesale for this. Their purchase prices are comparable but this level of tuning does not come cheap- you won't have much change out of 40,000 credits for this kind of product.

So it's no M3 but we will forgive it for that. This is Nissan's answer to the M division and the other saloons, and it has it's very own kind of appeal. 8 out of 10 then.

Hey guys

I need advice for a dedicated gaming AND folding rig.

What is the most potent GPU to consider buying and how pokey is the latest i7 extreme CPUs??

Are AMD worth a shout??


Ha ha ha

EU will do anything to have us continue paying them our money.

May revise freedom of movement lol.

Thats right you muppets. You will respect the voice of the British electorate, we dont care a toss for all your threats.

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The 2015 Lamborghini Aventador LP 750 4 superveloce.

I was fortunate enough to buy this puppy at auction some time ago neatly dodging it's hideous 480K asking price. And today we are taking it for a spin to review if for your reading pleasure. I am not sure that wringing wet weather was ideal for a 750 horsepower mid engined car but hey ho.
This example was dressed in a tasteful Orange suit with some very choice decals added by the previous owner. Once I had spotted it I just had to have it and I am not afraid to tell you that I snatched it for way less than half the asking price.
Built to replace the venerable Murcielago (which entered production way back in 2001 can you believe), the Aventador also gets its name from a famous fighting bull. Beyond that, little is shared. The carbonfibre monocoque chassis is new, having used some of the design ideas first explored in the Lamborghini Reventon. The engine, first devised for the LP700-4 is a full fat Lambo 65 degree V12. Some weight saving measures have been put in place but only 50kg was saved. The car's body work and aero are heavily rejigged, to give a massive increase in downforce at speed, and in goes the latest and very very trick magnetically controlled pushrod suspension. And somewhere in the middle of this 1575kg guided missile is a couple of fleshy humans on brave pills. Lamborghini claim a theoretical to speed of over 217mph...

First impressions are good. The ride on this car is totally unflappable and it makes it easy to drive very fast. It might look like an alien spacecraft that could give an F16 a run for it's money but the car is deliciously controlled. The steering is direct but not Ferrari-hyper, which makes for a relaxing cruise. Or at least it would be relaxing if the engine wasn't trying to dominate the entire atmosphere. I don't know how far it is sat behind that fire wall but it sounds like at least 8 of it's cylinders are in the cabin. It sounds terrific, trumping even a Ferrari V12 for outright feral savagery. Any gear, any time, and you unleash a screaming missile of a motor which simply never gives up. This thing revs to 8500rpm and every single additonal revolution of that crank you add is another step to automotive heaven. And the gear change. Wow. It's whip-crack fast. You Ferrari boys will be right at home. The looks, the dash, the interior, even the details, the panels, the tiny things, every single aspect of this car is a full blown event. If you want something that will stand out from the crowd, as well as rip you past 200mph on the highway, this is it. I simply ran out of road before I reached 200mph in 7th gear but I have no doubt it will get there. In gear shove is just outrageous, with torque building in a deeply measured and sustained fashion that you just can't get without a big displacement engine like this.
The handling for such a large and heavy car is a delight. The front is pretty much unflappable but lacks ultimate bite. Even with huge rims and tyres, and four wheel drive, you can't get this car to change direction as readily as you could some of the other V12 competitors, and so consequently you find that you can't barrel into corners with aplomb and expect the car to react to it. It will just understeer, that's basic physics. But if you are more restrained in your entry speeds, actually, there is a lot of depth to this car. It's not just a V12 Polaris missile afterall. The rear can keep up, it wants to indulge. Whilst there is all that aero trying to keep it stable (which it largely does without any drama), if you think about it, and lift during a corner, you can whisper, begin to powerslide this car. You read that right: straight up, you can powerslide a V12 Lambo with 750 ponies and live. That 4 wheel drive system might be able to provide unbeatable traction, but it will let you drive loose when it comes to mechanical grip. And when it does slide, it is neatly and easily controlled, the rear breaks free and gives you ample opportunity to gather it up. This was something I didn't expect to find. I thought that give the wet conditions, any kind of oversteer event would be a catastrophic tank slapping path to destruction.
In summary then you have a very compelling drive on offer here. In some ways it won't quite have outright sharpness of competitor machines but it does offer a unique experience of it's own. 8/10.
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