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Robert Brown
Install Slackware!
Install Slackware!

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Great album

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Dramatic and unexpected end

G+ is starting to feel like a cluttered up tumblr.

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There is a Pure HTML Gmail, and it Still Works
#gmail  /via +Paul Buchheit 

Paul Buchheit, recognized as the inventor of +Gmail ten years ago, said Gmail's reliance on AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), was so scary, that in parallel, the team built an HTML only version -- just in case. Guess what? It still works. Find it here: 

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I'm playing Flappy Doge. Can you beat my high score?

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Making a web app is pretty fun... makes me think a lot about web programs I've used in the past, what's appealed to me most, and what I find right wrong. Too bad I don't know any LISP web frameworks...
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