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Josephine Corcoran
Freelance writer, workshop leader, and blogger.
Freelance writer, workshop leader, and blogger.

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New poem and image by Chaucer Cameron after Iranian poet #SepidehJodeyri whose work is banned in Iran.

"I have breasts, which I love, I can speak the word breast, I can write the word breast, I can associate the breast with a robin on a branch."


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A #newpoem by Ian Humphreys about a memory of the High Society nightclub in Manchester

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Noah’s Couplets

A commitment, rain.
Not a symmetry, not

a constant. Forty-day
downpours could

extinguish all lungs.

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how it was is half the fun. half the story.

the grit underneath nails. the last bit of meat left on the bone. a clinging

of years. yaa the years. softening like plastic. hoarded in narrowing closets

in the coldest of spare rooms. mothball mama. all the how it could have beens.

'Bars Bars Bars.' #newpoems at #AndOtherPoems

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Something completely different, a post about parenting my teenagers as they prepare for exams... Not getting much writing done these days! #writing #notwriting #parenting

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Two #newpoems by Nancy Campbell

Last night you vanished, and left nothing
to prove you’d been here except the glass
you drank from.

'The Wanderer' by Nancy Campbell

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‘The Outing’ by Yomi Sode

Onlookers witnessed your wrath that night
how your fist rose to the heavens,

striking down as if Ṣango[1] lived within you.
Thirty going on thirty-one. I wasn’t sure what to say.

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Two new poems set deep in the #suffolk countryside

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Two #new #poems by co-founder of The Butcher's Dog magazine Degna Stone

Weighing of the Heart

When John Dark held your heart
in his hands, did he check its weight?

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Poetry Night at Drawing Projects UK (Trowbridge). Guest Poet Hilda Sheehan. June 14th 7-9pm #Trowbridge #Wiltshire #Poetry
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