My experience with Catalog Choice over the past 3-4 years:

Four years ago, our mailbox overflowed with catalogs. It was unbelievable. Four years ago, there were more than one hundred different companies sending us catalogs*. Some companies would send multiple catalogs each and every week to more than one of us. One November, we went away for a week and the diameter of the pile of catalogs waiting for us on the floor when we returned was easily five feet across.

Every catalog went straight from the mailbox to the garbage. We couldn't even recycle that paper. It was (is) a really tragic situation.

About that time, I heard about Catalog Choice which is a non-profit organization with the following stated mission:

"Catalog Choice's mission is to help people reduce unwanted mail, save natural resources,and protect their privacy."

I've been using their free service now for three or four years and these days we only occasionally get a catalog in the mail.

The process is simple, but takes a bit of rigor. Some of these companies really drag their feet on getting you off their lists so you may have to redo a request a few times, but this seems to be getting better. Every time I get a catalog or piece of junk mail, I make a little investment of two minutes of my time to help reduce waste and make it so future-Mark doesn't have to deal with lots of unwanted garbage.

If I think of the amount of waste that our household has saved over the past few years and multiply that by their one million users, this little organization has helped save a lot of trees, energy, etc. I thought I'd pass my experience on as a way of doing my little part to help get that number to 10 million.

You can find them at:

I also recommend donating money to help their cause (

In case you were wondering, I have no affiliation with Catalog Choice other than being a user of their service (under my wife's name) and a donor to their organization.

*To date, I have removed someone from our family (sometimes more than one person) from the mailing lists of 149 companies.
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