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Dhanoop Bhaskar
happy go lucky, happy with his lot
happy go lucky, happy with his lot

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RESTful Web Services in Java
Read about REST here... In the example program REST is implemented using Jersey Framework. Download Jersey framework from here... I used Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse for coding.
Extract the zip file and copy all the .jar files from api , ext , lib folders...

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The Insane Techie - Android App
Launched an android app for the blog on 07th June 2016. Get it from google play store... Tips for using the app Use in landscape mode while viewing the code snippets. For convenience, I have added major categories as separate feeds in the app (as an update ...

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Installing and Configuring phpMyAdmin
Install phpmyadmin sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin Configure phpmyadmin sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow phpmyadmin Then select Apache 2 for the webserver you wish to configure. Try hitting the URL http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ If this does not work, then you hav...

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DNS Lookup - Implementation in C
Read about DNS here... DNS Lookup - Implementation in C /*dnsclient.c*/


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Java program to find the distance between two GPS locations. package com.cables.gps;

public class Location {
private int latDegree;
private int latMinutes;
private int latSeconds;
private char latDirection;
private int longDegree;
private int longMinutes;
private int longSeconds;
private char l...

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