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Happy Fathers Day to all the dads and father figures!

Trending Now in Jay Noland's Life: I don't feel like working out, but I'm going to anyway because that's what it takes. How I feel has nothing to do with my Fitness Goals. This is the major key to my Financial Success.... I always do what I have to do regardless of how I feel... This guarantees my Success.... I encourage you to do the same with your Fitness and with your Finances... Do it because it has to get DONE, period. Do something for your Fitness and your SG Business that will get you into great shape TODAY NOT TOMORROW (TNT). by Jay Noland SereniGy CEO

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BREAKING NEWS: SereniGy Is Now Pre-Launching In CHILE!

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"Heads up... There's a chance I will be doing a LIVE Online Training on on Sat. Pay Attention to my FB Page tomorrow for details..."
Jay Noland SereniGy CEO

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A landscape of gently rolling hills. The scent of cypress and pine hanging in the air. That's the Giro di Toscana. Join the SLR. CLUB on its beautiful summer highlight!
SLR. CLUB goes Giro di Toscana (7 Fotos)
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Make Sure Your Entire Team Watches This!

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Best dining room table ever!

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Why SereniGy? Watch this video and You'll get the answer.

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HDR at the Blue Hour - Chain Bridge ( Details: )

Photo page: [ ] - Before-and-after: [ ]

The blue hour is a great time for photography - especially for scenes like this one. You get great light, a beautiful blue sky and very nice color contrasts. However, controlling exposure can be quite a challenge in these situations as the light sources are typically much brighter than the ambient light. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique is a great tool that can help you in this case. Make sure that your darkest exposure exposes the highlights correctly and your brightest exposure gives you a great blue sky.

1. Put your camera on a tripod and make the composition. A tripod is mandatory in this situation.
2. Switch to autobracketing (AEB) mode (BKT button on a Nikon DSLR).
3. Take a test AEB series.
4. Check that your darkest exposure exposes the highlights correctly and your brightest exposure gives you a great blue sky.
5. If that is not the case, use exposure compensation to shift the exposure settings up or down.
6. Take the actual exposures with that setting.

If in doubt, go for the deep blue sky in your brightest exposure. You can fix some of the blown-out highlights later. It's more difficult to fix an underexposed sky.

Have fun!

1. Find all the details about this image at [ ]
2. View the before-and-after comparison at [ ] to see the milestones in the evolution of this image
3. Download the source images at [ ] and try it for yourself
4. Order prints of any size at [ ]
5. Use the special limited offer at [ ] to save 20% on all prints.

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