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*The recent history of that site is that Bruce-Monroe Elementary School, with a largely African-American and Latino-American student population, was located there. School parents were promised that if school modernization legislation were passed, their neighborhood school would be remodeled with the rest of the system. Instead, the legislation passed (2006) but soon after the school was shuttered; the children were sent to non-walkable, non-neighborhood schools, and the school building was demolished. When I heard about this I actually cried, because it was me, a school mod activist, who'd come to the school on behalf of the campaign and painted a rosy picture of the future. Although the campaign demanded, and elected officials averred, that if a school were ultimately to be considered surplus (rather than remodeled), it would be kept as public property for public purposes, it became clear early on, that this commitment would not be kept by our government and that ultimately surplussed real estate would become a cash cow for developers." January 29, 2016
I relate to people, how I first got cable tv a year or two back. Of course Mayor Gray and his campaign criminality interested me, in power for 4 years, really despite, to great degree not being elected, but placed in power by massive electoral fraud. So, when one night on RCN he was showing the media,a press conference, the public school budget, watched very closely.
He had a chart and media asked questions. He showed things likes "special ed"- $4.5 million, or "school lunch program- $ 3.4 million, and the like, various expenses in the budget.
When he came to "modernization and renovation" He has, for a five year time frame, for construction and renovation $1.65 BILLION. No reporters even had a question. Of course we know the schools are continually renovated, over and over, with huge cost overuns.
I think Grosso , upon heading the City Council Education Committee has presented a bill to, I guess, exert some kind of control over this grabbag of money. Funny to watch Chairman Mendelson criticize mass over-runs the council has approved, virtually out of control, and he blames  not himself at all, as if he
hasn't been doing just this, since like 1992.
The government in DC has been a free for all of corruption, we need multiple law suits, many commissions, like on this very issue of student violence, and a "Commission on Greater Enfranchisement and Community Participation" and investigations, obviously the incumbents and their electoral crime and games of "musical chairs", not gonna do that. Citizens Commissions to develop the process, priorities and avenues to take control away from these politicians and direct it back to us.
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