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yeah is very beautyfull nice pleace too
This is gorgeous... I'd love to go there.
I've been there. It really is as amazing as shown in the picture. I love the Algarve.
My country :-) been there of course. Several other beautiful places across Algarve to see
beautiful place... I hope I will be there this year....
aaahhh!!!!cantiknya itu kebesaran maha penyayang lagi maha pengasih..
heeeiii! that's my beautifull Portugal :)) so proud :P
Went there a long time a go.. this picture is amazing :))
what a wonderful island
+tigr burt It's not an island. It's an extension from mainland Portuguese coast. Just coastline but it's beautiful either way :)
یه فارسی زبان بمن میگه چه بلای سرم امده 
There is an amazing place in New Brunswick, Canada where you can walk on ocean bed for almost 6 hours till the water returns. The Rocks are exposed till the water returns
What a beauty. Totally breath-taking! Love it.
tz paradise you no!!!!! i love these photo
I've already been there and it is really like on the picture ! =D
Imágenes como éstas demuestran lo maravilloso que es nuestro planeta y por qué debemos esforzarnos en conservarlo
SI AY QUE TRATAR DE CONSERBAR LO QUE MAS SE PUEDA NUESTRO PASATIEMPO QUE DIOS NOS DA, pero ay mucha cagada del infierno en el globo terraquio.
great picture. I will probably visit Portugal next year.
Very Beautiful My Algarve its in my Country ... thank you For sharing 
OMG! Earth is so lovely to live in. Lets save it.
yes i  know yaar hy divya patil h r u
I´ve visited this, its awesome
Portugal has the best beaches of the world and I've seen hundred.
it was amezing .fentatic.its like life time achevments to watch such places.
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