The Architectural Wonders of Bagan
On the banks of the Irrawaddy River, more than 3,000 temples stretch across a 30-square-mile plain in Pagan, Myanmar (formerly Burma). Most were constructed between 1057 and 1287 during a building frenzy initiated by King Anawrahta, who formed the first Burmese kingdom in 1044.
Nearly a thousand years after Anawrahta's reign, visitors can climb to the top terrace of his Shwesandaw Paya, or "Sunset Pagoda," to enjoy panoramic views of the sprawling city. Many flock to monasteries, which display ornate murals, such as the Ananda Temple's 554 scenes from past lives of the Buddha.

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Sobhan Allah.. Such a beautiful landscape! But have you seen the extermination of Muslims in Myanmar?!!
Could I suggest something? It would be nice to remove the statement "before you die" from the page's name and replace it with amazing, wonderful..etc. i.e. "Optimistic words" :).
i think  is more beautiful "Mekkah" in Saudi Arabia
Been their and seen it all .It was awesome and still well preserved
This reminds me of the video game Shadow of The Colossus.
nice place..... :) which country..????? 
I love Myanmar <3
I've seen it now. Do I have to die?
yah,you are right sir,mostly people say like that..
yes Rashid bhai apne thik kaha
I also like to see this place. Its lovely and unbelievable. I believe there may be lot of arts in there rocks.
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this is no time to talk about beautiful places in Burma. Muslims are getting killed there this is reality.........
I recently toured there and confirm the details of the posting. Although its hard to put in to words the experience of the visit. 
It's so beautiful and actually wonderful!
It's so wonderful, where this place located???
It looks out of this world :)
yeh manav sabhayata ki dharovar hai. ise nashta hone se bachana har manav ka dharm hai
Its really good pictures want to go

They're like giant shells of ancient migrating creatures, of a lost era
One of the most Godless countries in the world. The government is a ruthless killing machine. 
It looks awesome .. I wanna go there someday !!
like this......................................
Yes .. it really nice place..
Proud to be this country's citizen.
Wanna be next to explore the wonders
Mesmerising Place....Where is this???
Reminds me of Prambanan temples in Java. Very impressive
One of the most peaceful places on earth...
This is such a breathtaking view! I love the architecture!
sai raj
nice but so more places are there ok!
Super structures with a geographical view !!!!!!  Formers  of Myanmar were skilled on building constructions NICE to see really !!!!!! From the nearby hill hey might have brought the stones without any motor vehicle and all Super !!!!!!     
if it is mainmar.i dont like it.bekus thar is lot of problam.thay killing pepol.
non si può rimanere che senza parole difronte a codesto spettacolo 
I agree with +Faruk Omar. Too much of the bad stuff going down in Myanmar at the moment. Doesn't detract from the architecture though
It really very superb like it should go
Its a shit hole they r a bunch of dogs killing inocent muslims
looks beautiful... I would like to visit, matbe i'll get the chance one day but probably not oh well
Just for your info, we do not against Muslim or any religion. Just because of immigrants issue, do not write Myanmar ( Burma) off. It is a beautiful country.
I am Myanmar. thank you for this post
there are some hidden wonders yet undiscorvered!!
so pretty it looks lik one of those magical dreams lol
Amazing,would like to go there if i get the oppurtunity.
good picture... and peaceful..
 beautiful place, on the other note. if you crybaby muzzies don't want to be killed in burma. get the fuck out and quit trying to take over thier country. the problem is you shit bag muzzies think you should rule the world. i got news for all religions go fuck your selves this world is now to smart to put up with religious bigotry. religions an those that follow blindly are the biggest threat to mankind ever. and to all who think mecca is a great place, guess what? i'd nuke it out of existense. i hope they exterminate every fuckin muzzie an christian in that country .
Climb to any high platform of one of the temples and point your finger in any direction, you'll find at least one temple there. Pagan used to have thousands of temples but a lot of them were destroyed by the earthquake back in 1975
wow!!!!!!!! very very beautiful...........
Its so beautiful ......woww !!
I am baffled at how it was even possible to create such beautifully detailed temples with the most rudimentary tools. 
Wow, what a place and architectural beauty! I can only dream this in my deep sleep---
I miss my country.
myanmar... is this also the one in the king and I?
Bill M.
It would be thrilling to go in one of those buildings just to touch such amazing history.
ko htay
This is my country.myanmar
Definitely some history there, would love to visit this celestial meeting place. Great thanks for sharing
nice place.. thnx for d post. I was not interstd 2go bt i'll share wth my circle
true good shot take my hat off to that cool
I think I would get out voted to go there but man it would be cool.
could be a realy long hike afrew months ..
great place i hope i will go for vaccation next year insha allsh
I think to get the real view you need to be in a chopper or an air baloon good pics tho love it
Makes me wonder how far it is to the nearest grocery store.
So many lives lost in the interests of religion...... Tolerance is imperative 
Nice picture. It reminds me of peaceful days in Bagan. Hoping to come back there someday
Looks like my hometown. I still have to wonder just how many churches are ENOUGH for one place? I think the answer is ONE MORE! LOL
It was built in a time when quality was key, and personal pride in your work was a representation of yourself.When building something so well could make you immortal.  It seems we don't think enough about the generations that will occupy our space  thousands of years from now. i believe we would make better choices if we did..
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looks like heaven on earth
Looks good but where's the beach?
These are the greatest things ever done by Kings of countries to show their gratitude towards Lord Buddha for showing the correct path of living.
wow very nice but what is the name of place............why before we die we can see it after death also................
must to go & see, to Golden Land 
mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermosa fotografìa, parece salida de un cuento
Muito bonito a quantidade de templos,pelos visto,parece que estão em perfeita harmonia.
So many things to see, why life has to be this short?
how beauty our land.:)all over the world come to there but I haven't go yet:(
I dont have words for this amazing place.
so beautiful place good very nice 
i think we need to protect our precious places.yeah Bagan is one of the interesting places in Burma.i'd like to invite you to visit Bagan.
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