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I CANNOT post any photo to google+ event from my android g+ app. (the app says... "uploading photo in background..." but, no photo goes up. )

I guess this is due to google photo app and g+ app integration.

now, I have added a photo to the event from classic g+ event UI, then an album is created in google photo app. but still cannot upload photo directly from the event of 'g+ app'. >>>> this means... google forces me to upload photo to the event only from 'google photo' app? (in mobile environment)

this process is very weird regarding our common sense.

I believe google should allow users to upload photos to the event from g+ app directly!!

Uploading photo files from mobile device via Google "Drive" App, NOT via 'automatic backup' of Google Photo App, take storage of my drive?

If I upload a photo file to google+, those it takes my drive storage?

I have a circle of about 200 people. and I am managing a page. 

so, is there any way to copy circle from personal account to page?
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