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Erich Finkle
English-teacher-to-be, musician, gamer, romantic.
English-teacher-to-be, musician, gamer, romantic.
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This could be a big week for me!

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Hello, everyone! EliteFerrex here.

Below, you'll find a link to my Basic Ingress Gameplay page. It also has links to my other informational pages, for which provide links at the end of this post, as well.

Please give them a look if you feel you'd like to understand more about how the game works; I'll be posting a new guide for Linking and Fielding in the near future, so stay tuned!

Basic Ingress Gameplay -
Game Mechanics: Resonators -
Game Mechanics: Weapons -
Game Mechanics: Mods (Offensive) -
Game Mechanics: Mods (Hack/Link) - COMING SOON!
Game Mechanics: Links & Fields - COMING SOON!

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I added a basic game introduction to my Ingress Tips & Tricks Blogger, as well as links to all of the other pages I've made on there with information about Capturing, Attacking, and Offensive/Defensive Modding. Please feel free to share with any new players that have questions!

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Hey guys! I made up a Google Form with questions about the Shonin Anomaly in Pasadena this weekend. Take a couple minutes and share your thoughts, and maybe we can use the responses to improve our gameplay in the future and get a better feeling of how everyone thought the event went. Thank you!

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Great night with everyone last Wednesday!

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Good picture of some of my buds!

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Check out her post and leave your thoughts. 
I would like to repost an old idea....
Raise inventory cap with levels !
You have raised xm capacity with level, why not doing the same with inventory?

The 2k limit were a very early rule when there were a lot less portals (so less keys) and a lot less items types (no power cubes, only shields as mod types, no ultra strikes, no viruses).

Please think about it.

+Ingress+NIA Ops+Joe Philley+Matilde Tusberti+Anne Beuttenmüller​

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Let me know what you guys think! 
+Ingress​ - I have a question regarding Missions. I'd like to create some Missions that require Agents to work together to complete them. For example, Agent A is on Mission 1 while Agent B is on Mission 2. Mission 1's waypoints will give hints for Mission 2's passwords, and vice versa.

Basically, the 2 agents would need to cooperate and guide each other through teamwork to achieve their goals for the Mission: Agent A goes to his first waypoint and B goes to his, and their waypoints each lead the other to their next waypoint, on through the end.

Is this something that would cause a mission to be rejected? 
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I might try it.
Wouldn't interest me.
Awful idea. No fun at all.
Good idea!
I might try it.
Wouldn't interest me.
Awful idea. No fun at all.
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