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This is a must watch! If you happened to have seen the Huge Bike Jump video from a year ago, this just gets awesome-er!

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From Jimmer to Jabari.... Here's hoping BYU can land this awesome talent. This is a great article.

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Admittedly, I realize that it's sad how much I continue to check's NBA page DURING the lockout. However, if it weren't for that, I'd miss out on some of these gems...
Thoughts in order of importance:
1- I think it's great Shaq is going to TV. Pure entertainment.
2- I'm leery of him throwing of the nearly perfect combination of Chuck, Kenny and Ernie on TNT. He could very well try to steal the show which would start me on a full-fledged campaign to get him OFF Inside the NBA. The currently enjoyed balance and vibe TNT is risking leads me to...
3- Although I'm not the biggest Chris Webber fan, he's consistently growing on me. His commentary is better and better each week. And most importantly, HE KNOWS HIS ROLE! He doesn't get in the way of the groove the other three have going on.

When you came to Phoenix, you threw off our groove big time but people passed it off as okay because you were entertaining. Please don't ruin one of the best things about basketball which is Inside the NBA. I don't care how entertaining you are!
Depressed NBA Fan

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This is great! Notice how Kevin Love is silently reading the prompter for Blake Griffin's lines... Great!

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This is a good example of recreation (my undergrad) meets city planning (master's). If I end up doing this kind of stuff for my career, it will look like my education was... well, on purpose.

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"And if believing that makes me an NBA Republican, so be it."
- Bill Simmons
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