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End of Blog
Everything runs its course. Seemingly, so do blogs. So it has at long last come to this; the final entry in the worlds longest-running blog about the 2010 movie. It has been fun researching the motion picture, it has been fun to talk with the producers of t...

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From Hal to HAL - Part 2: Varsity
D OUGLAS ENROLLED at the University of Manitoba in 1946. The UoM, located in his home town of Winnipeg, was the first university in Western Canada. Immediately upon enrolling, he joined the Dramatic Society at the university and began honing his craft. It w...

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From Hal to HAL - Part 1: The First Eighteen Years
T HE RAINS of Winnipeg were, and still are, of mostly Scottish ancestry. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, on a strikingly beautiful Wednesday in the late spring of 1928, on the ninth day of the month of May – making him curiously a Taurus – Douglas James Rain was bor...

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2001 vs 2010, part 2020
Over the years, many people have asked me why, as Editor-in-Chief of the magazine [Starlog], my editorials don't appear in the front of each issue. Well, there are several reasons — not the least of which is that STARLOG's publisher, Kerry O'Quinn, uses the...

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Suits in Space
Suiting up for a romp through the Solar System, the producers of 2010 were aware of the legacy they had become the caretakers of. The costumes were perhaps not lavish, but practical. Practical to the point of being nominated for an Academy Award.  American ...

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Monolith Metrics - Component Three
For better or for worse, doorways to our cthnonian self are indelibly imbedded in our psyche, and have been ab aeterno . The monolith, we realize, is a lot older than we think it is. Of course the monolith is more than an unembellished jet-black slab. The f...

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2010 - The D&D Game
Time-wasters come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Movies might be the epitome of entertainment, but there are many other ways of imploding hours upon fantastic hours. The movie tie-in industry that blossomed, withered, and died in the 1980's and...

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Stanley Kubrick Used To [Review]
by Magnus Anderson A close escape. Stanley Kubrick used to refer to 2010 , the interloping successor to his own opus, as Ten past Eight . It was a little callous, perhaps, given that the critical world had long decided that his own was a masterpiece, and so...

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Star Peace
Last week saw the charity premiere of Arthur
C. Clarke's new film 2010: The Year We
Make Contact . John Gribbin enjoyed the evening but he wonders if the
message filtered through to the audience. by John Gribbin IF AN ageing English pacifist who wears a

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Monolith Metrics - Component Two
Whether it was Arthur C. Clarke or Stanley Kubrick who came up with the shape of the Cosmic Swiss Knife (hint: it was Kubrick), it was Clarke who posited the most important question about the slab: why should we assume the monolith is a three-dimensional ob...
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