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Best line, like ever:
"Teens have decided that Apple is, like, so over."
They represent the up and coming mindshare which at this point in the 90's many would say Apple was unfairly beaten by Microsoft and co. And at this point in the 00's they'd say they're the sexy underdog. That they've lost their demigod do-no-wrong CEO recently certainly doesn't help perceptions either.

Ultimately, They make great profit margins on products which is perfectly healthy for the long term viability of the company and while they won't be beating anyone in overall marketshare, they'll be okay. Especially if it forces them to go back to focusing more on creative production and less on mass appeal since that was their lifeblood prior to iPods and iTunes and iPhones made them darlings of investment. 
I'm thinking about doing a post on this, +Chris Matyszczyk. But before I do, I'm curious about something. If Buzz Marketing, which is an ad agency that does not reveal its clients, methodology or who finances its research (assuming it does any) told you that teens are clamoring for Surface tablets instead of iPads, they're lying. 

Even more so, you must know they're lying. Have you ever seen a single teenager with a Surface? Have you ever heard a teenager express interest in owning a Surface? I have six teen nieces and one teen nephew, and they all successfully begged their parents for an iPad. Most of them don't even know what a Surface tablet is. 

The idea that teens want Surface tablets over iPads is obviously false. I'm just curious why you would report this falsehood. 
I do agree with +Mike Elgan. No one really talks about the Surface in a positive connotation. Everyone just always laugh at Microsoft when it is brought up. That being said, no one ever really just says the iPad or the iPhone is "cool" anymore though. A lot of people have actually complained about the iPhone 5 and saying the battery life sucks and it's boring. Just my two cents. 
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