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Accurately measuring ad blocking rates

Unsurprisingly, my new digital agency gets lots of questions about ad blocking. Also unsurprising, many still don't realize it's such a big problem.

To get started, you need a way to accurately measure the current ad blocking rate on your website. Unfortunately, many of the currently-published techniques have major shortcomings, so I can up with a new one:

Yes it works a treat :)

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One of those rare cases that reveals some interesting things about how Googlebot's logic works.
Very interesting case of Google not listening to 301 redirects because of the frequency of content overlap between URLs, in the Moz and YouMoz overlap. 

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Now in English
Google Penalties: The Complete Guide

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Is there any guidance on timing when the AJAX crawlability specifications will be fully deprecated and unsupported?
Deprecating our AJAX crawling scheme
Deprecating our AJAX crawling scheme

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Hmm, nginx team decided to roll their own ~JavaScript engine (nginScript): - interesting.

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This is a talk I gave recently about how to survive in technical jobs. It's mostly aimed at women but a bunch of men have told me it was useful for them too.

The speaker notes have most of the content.

Anyone using a JS Heavy site? Got an SEO tips for handling it?
I've been doing quite a bit more research into javascript crawlability since Google has been pretty open about continuing to do a better job of crawling and indexing content that's written via javascript.

Just wondering if anyone is doing similar research since it seems like more and more sites are moving toward javascript frameworks.

Recently, Googler +Gary Illyes even asked if anyone was using AngularJS with out the AJAX Crawlability standard (

Also, +RKG | Rimm-Kaufman Group and community member +Max Prin has done some pretty awesome work in trying to better understand what Googlebot can crawl and index. See their post / research here » They even stood up a pretty cool informational site » for people looking to learn more.

I would love to hear how people are tackling this or if it's even on your radar.

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Pure Awesomesauce!
For five days, all my latest books are available for free on Amazon!

* On Web Development: (

* 100 Things I Learned as an Everyday Adventurer: (

* Journey of J.: (

And the same applies to the e-book, The Little Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks, over at O’Reilly:


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Comprehensive guide by the Kinsta team: - don't let the "beginner" turn you off, lots of great UX, business, and technical tips.
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