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2016-09-03 The Cliff at Middleburgh
Hi, it's me again, back from a long absence. It was just too much trouble to blog anything when my body was not up to much hiking. On Saturday, 3 September, though, I finally managed to get out for a decently challenging day trip, with few complaints from a...

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2016-04-24 Wolf Creek Falls
On Sunday, April 24, I got the urge to get outside even more
strongly than usual, and decided to go out for a stroll despite some
warning twinges from the fasciitis in my foot. I headed over to the Wolf Creek Falls Preserve in the town of Knox, because ...

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For my hiking friends who haven't heard from me lately: most of the hiking I've been doing has been solo section-hiking the Northville-Placid Trail. The fact that the patch just arrived reminded me that I hadn't got around to doing a concluding trip report. I have one now, over in my journal

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2015-05-16 Mapping Trips
2015-05-16 Mapping the Helderbergs There's been too long a hiatus in blogging here, but I've been kind of busy.
Still, I've recently had the opportunity to get in a little bit of
walking (on easy trails: I won't dignify it with the term, 'hiking')

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2014-02-14 Book review: Lying on the Trail, by Just Bill
Tall Tales under Tall Trees "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story," Sam Clemens is
widely reported to have advised an aspiring author, "unless you can't
think of anything better." In this volume, Just Bill takes Clemens's
advice to heart. From...

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Harriman "Leave No Hiker Behind" trek
I headed out yesterday on the WhiteBlaze "No Hiker Left Behind" trek in Harriman State Park . The trip started well, with me walking in with "Just Bill", an 'imaginary friend' that I was meeting for the first time in person. Fellow hikers "1azarus" and "Mal...

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If I can't have coffee, I'm not going!

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2014-12-21 Blackhead Mountain
On Sunday, 21 December 2014, I went with Jon (a fairly regular hiking partner) and his friend Chris (whom I've been out with once before) to Blackhead Mountain (3,960 feet/1,207 m) in the Catskills. With this being the first day of Winter by the calendar, t...
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