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Удобрения, семена, грабли, вилы, сковороды, кипящая смола... Видимо, там тоже кризис, раз не могут открыть полноценный филиал.
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Ещё в центре Ростова, на Садовой был до середины 90-х, кажется, магазин, у которого огромная вывеска сгорела и получилась надпись "Красная почка". Эта надпись провисела не один год...
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Today's harvest — well worth getting a touch of sun on the back and being bitten by mosquitoes. Now, a bowl of ice-cream would come handy...
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Too bad I cant get to my dacha right now in just couple of hours...
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Last day of winter brought an unusual present: gorgeous snow. The photo is taken on my back yard.
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Весьма знаковый календарь на 2012 год; ссылку подбросил +Дмитрий Дёмкин, за что ему и спасибо. Прямо просится на стену.
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I seldom post things, but this one, I had to share. Read it, and maybe you'll want to pass it on to others as well.
Muslim originally shared:
A Letter from "Mom and Dad"

My child,

When I get old, I hope you understand... 'n have patience with me
In case I break the plate, or spill soup on the table because I’m losing my eyesight,
I hope you don’t yell at me.
Older people are sensitive, always having self pity when you yell.
When my hearing gets worse 'n I can’t hear what you’re saying, I hope you
don’t call me ‘Deaf!’
Please repeat what you said or write it down.

I’m sorry, my child.
I’m getting older.
When my knees get weaker, I hope you have the patience to help me get up.
Like how I used to help you while you were little, learning how to walk. Please bear with me, when I keep repeating myself like a broken record, I hope you just keep listening to me.

Please don’t make fun of me, or get sick of listening to me.
Do you remember when you were little 'n you wanted a ballon?
You repeated yourself over 'n over until you get what you wanted.
Please also pardon my smell. I smell like an old person.
Please don’t force me to shower.
My body is weak.
Old people get sick easily when they’re cold. I hope I don’t gross you out.
Do you remember when you were little? I used to chase you around because you didn’t want to shower.
I hope you can be patient with me when
I’m always cranky. It’s all part of getting old. You’ll understand when you’re older.
'n if you have spare time, I hope we can talk even for a few minutes.
I’m always all by myself all the time, 'n have no one to talk to.
I know you’re busy with work. Even if you’re not interested in mystories, please have time for me. Do you remember when you were little? I used to listen to your stories about your teddy bear.

When the time comes, n I get ill n bedridden, I hope you have the patience to take care of me.
I’m sorry if I accidentally wet the bed or make a mess.
I hope you have the patience to take care of me during the last few moments of my life.
I’m not going to last much longer, anyway.

When the time of my death comes, I hope you hold my hand 'n give me strength to face death. 'n don’t worry..
When I finally meet our creator, I will whisper in his ear to bless you. Because
you loved your Mom 'n Dad.

This just makes me cry a tear..reminds me much of the time when I'm too busy with work and didn't take tht simple gesture of calling and talking to my parents

Please share this great story with everybody.. i am sure it will work as an eye opener to many. (((:::

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Kainer Weissmann originally shared:
Disney never lies
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It snows at last. It'll hardly last for long, but it's something at least - winter can be safely called a winter now.
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Ну знаете, любезный. Уж какая есть — бананы у нас не растут. :) В следующий раз наубиваю и набросаю трупов, и поверну Земле горизонт. :) Да и сиськи... оно-то, это... я бы с радостью, но где ж их в такую погоду найти. Они не то что при минус тридцати — при минус восьми по домам сидят, в тепле и неге. И только я один иду на работу. :)
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My result is twelve minutes. Looks like I'm a kid. Goodness, that's a nice one! Try yourself out, but follow the advice and don't make spoilers right away. :)
I'll post the answer in the comments within a few days. Don't spoil it for everyone else!
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лучше бы посетили детский дом и купили детишкам мешок мароженого! а то всё аппакалипсис абсуждают
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Boy am I envious. :) Follow the source link for more photos and articles on it.
Alireza Yavari originally shared:
Kevin Richardson - The Lion Whisperer
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He§s spending too much time with lions and too little with cute hyenas.
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Spotted a neat site that streams a piano music all day long — and came to like it quite much; makes a nice background. I do recommend.
app for iPhone/iPad | file for a local player | share this | feedback | donate.
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To all fans of Star Wars out there. :)
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Looks like the future just got quite a bit closer to us.
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Инженер-программист из Ростова-на-Дону.
Родился и вырос в Ростове-на-Дону, там же окончил колледж и университет, а затем поступил на государственную службу. Инженер-программист, в прошлом переводчик и редактор на общественных началах, любитель шахмат, спорщик, бретёр и просто большой ленивец.
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