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Needed: Shared place to conduct an online interview with a candidate thousands of miles away. We'll call each other on the phone for voice communication, but I want us to share a document.

Using a shared Google doc isn't a solution because I don't want the interviewee to know my personal gmail account and I don't want the interviewee to have to have a gmail account.

Any thoughts?
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The only problem is that the session is unidirectional. (The interviewer reads what the interviewee writes, but the interviewer can't modify the text.)
Why don't you create another account?
You don't need to have a Gmail account to participate in a Google doc shared session. Plus you can share the URL using another account. Wanna test it with me later ?
Try Adobe Connect. I use it every day for research meetings with collaborators. Video, whiteboard, screen sharing, etc. I think it's free or cheap for one-to-one meetings.
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