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How Close Are We To Personalising Medicine?
April Cashin-Garbutt , writing for the website has reviewed a little of our progress towards making use of whole  genome sequence information that is currently in the process of becoming cheap enough for general use. April's article is exce...

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Aspergillus Website Blog Moved
Please note the Aspergillus Website Blog, which has been run here for several years has now moved to the Aspergillus Website . You will be able to search all of our posts at our new location and also browse around the very large resources on the Aspergillus...

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Could fungus be the next big killer? Experts warn fungal diseases now cause more deaths than malaria and tuberculosis
The Daily Mail (UK national newspaper) recently published the following story based on four main points made by Professor Rosemary Barnes of Cardiff University: Figures show fungal diseases cause hundreds of thousands of deaths Death often follows severe re...

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Antifungal Combination Therapy: A Step Forward
Combination therapy for IA benefits the moderately ill patients most The first large (454 participants) randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicenter trial study on combination therapy shows a 10% improvement in survival at 6 weeks. All patients ...

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Poor Ventilation of Homes Causes Health Problems for the Occupants
53% of homes in the East of England are affected by mould , according to a recent survey. Although this relies on self reported impressions of owners own homes and we do not know how many were polled to form this satistic, this is still quite a shocking sta...

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The Larget Living Thing on Earth - a Fungus!
If you were asked what the largest living thing was what would you guess? The Blue Whale?  A Canadian Redwood? The Blue Whale IS pretty big at 24m in length and its tongue alone is the size of an African Elephant . Canadian Redwood trees are huge at 100m in...

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Allergy to Christmas tree's May Not Be Caused By Moulds
Some years ago and more recently in the media it has been noted that a small study on mould found on live Christmas tree's brought into the home for the festive period found that the amount of moulds slowly increased over the days it spends in your home. We...

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Environmentally Friendly Nanotechnology using Fungi
Nanotechnology is a rapidly developing science and a number of methods are now available for producing nanoparticles. However, some of these methods employ high energy requirements, low material conversions and the use of hazardous chemicals . Hence, there ...

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Welcome Research Funding: Change of Approach
Refreshing our funding framework Jeremy Farrar has announced a  refreshed funding framework . The most significant changes include a clearer distinction between strategic and responsive funding, a major new scheme for collaborative research by teams, seed f...
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