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The songs you reference are Sea of madness, Wasted years, Dream of mirrors, The Trooper, Aces high, 2 minutes till midnight and Wasting love. As we speak I am currently making my husband and some of his fellow Marines care packages to send them. They include games, magazines, candy all the small things that remind you of home!!!
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As my husband was stationed in North Caroline and myself in Bloomington it was very difficult for us to decide on a vehicle. We finally decided that I would look and purchase the vehicle. It was difficult to find something that would fit his needs and my own but with the help of Ashley Prim from the Nissan dealership it was a breeze. We test drove many vehicles, looked at all my options, and really help me figure out which vehicle was best for us. It was very overwhelming because my husband knows everything about vehicles and I know nothing but Ashley reassured me that everything would be fine and that she would help me find exactly what I was looking for. She did! I purchased exactly what we wanted. Without her help I don't think I would have been about to find something. She never pressured me to buy a certain car or pressured me to do anything in general. She was great! When I finally was able to reunite with my husband, I hardly ever drive the car. He loves it! Thank you so much! - Mercedes Alvis
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