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TrackOurTeam releases new, "Request Absence" function allowing team members to request an absence from a practice, game, or other event.

Special features include:

1) Requested absences actually go into the “Absences” file. We did this to eliminate the coach from having to add an entire record (double entry).
2) We built into the function what we call the “Yes I did, no you didn’t” feature. We added a field to the file named, “Requested”.  When a team member or parent adds a request this field is flagged. This eliminates any arguments over whether or not a request was ever submitted.
3) The requested flag shows up in the list when the Admin looks at their list of all absences.
4) All coaches receive an email notification of the request because we don’t know which coach is responsible for responding.
5) Once a request is submitted, the team member or parent cannot get it back. The request record then belongs to the “Admin” member.
6) When the admin changes the record, an email is sent to the team member and parents.

This is a wonderful addition to TrackOurTeam.
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