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Nicholas Boothman
Nicholas Boothman is an English author and speaker based in Toronto
Nicholas Boothman is an English author and speaker based in Toronto

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Great entertainment speakers have an uncanny ability to deliver serious, thoughtful messages in a clear, concise, and entertaining manner.


Professional speakers can engage their audience by encouraging them to ask questions and by making them speak to each other.

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An accomplished inspirational speaker will deliver your message in a clear, concise manner that will get the attendees at the conference, trade show, or event excited for whatever you have planned.

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Through his keynote speeches, Nicholas Boothman shows his audiences how to manage the ongoing business relationship by mastering critical people-to-people skills. 

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Be Brave Take Risks, a new keynote by Nicholas Boothman, is designed for people who are stuck in a rut knowing they are capable of more. With the help of this keynote, audiences will learn to step out of their comfort zones to find new opportunities of growth and prosperity.

Many people don’t like the idea of public speaking because they feel exposed in front of an audience. They become overly conscious about themselves and believe that people are going to scrutinize their every word and action. However, if viewed as an opportunity rather than a threat, public speaking can lead to innovation, growth, and prosperity. #nicholasboothman   #publicspeaking

Courage is about stepping out of our comfort zones, breaking old barriers, and building new bridges. It is our most important ally when it comes to facilitating personal change and making great things happen in our lives. #nicholasboothman

Convince Them in 90 Seconds or Less shows how to create a winning first impression and, within 90 seconds, a lasting trust. It offers invaluable advice on mastering people-to-people skills that are essential to an ongoing business relationship. #nicholasboothman   #Nicholasboothmanbooks

Reframing the heart-pounding symptoms of anxiety into signs of excitement can help you in dealing with the fear of public speaking. By reframing anxiety as excitement, you will be able to view public speaking as an opportunity rather than a threat. #NicholasBoothman   #Motivationalspeakers

The better you are at breaking barriers, building bridges, and communicating face-to-face, the faster you’ll pull ahead of the competition. #NicholasBoothman   #Motivationalspeakers
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