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It's All What You Make of It - Dedicated to My Dad (Giles Randy Myers)
As a person goes through life they are faced with choices of many kinds. As those choices occur there are consequences and opportunities that arise in the process. Sometimes, you don't know if you made the right choice until way down the road. Often times, ...

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The most important concept to acquire in service is how to best prepare for those trouble situations before they happen. Service With a Style discusses this concept in this new post.

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Kill 'Em With Kindness
I knew once I saw this scene many years ago if I was ever involved in training for customer service I would be using it. It's so important to keep a cool head when you work in the Service Sector. There are so many times I can look back and wished I could ha...

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The Regenesis of Service With A Style. A Service Professional's resource for everyday business.

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Service With A Style - The Regenesis
Service With a Style has been created as a resource for those that work within the Service Sector in one capacity or another. If you own the operation, or manage the facility, or even work within the company, this site is designed for you. We exist to provi...

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My two cents with Pokemon Go

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My It Girl
Sometimes folks get lucky and find the person that works for them
right out of the gate in life. Then there are others that need to take a
more circuitous approach to finding that person that becomes their
lifetime partner in crime in my case it has cert...

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Something to Consider when you call a to go order in at a full service restaurant.

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As an American, I just don't see how we buy Hillary's snake oil

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We Just Don't Get It....
I enjoy the Series Empire on Fox because I love the story line and the music is amazing.I felt the same way about two other "Guilty Pleasure: shows I watched (Glee, and Smash) because I have a background in music and these shows are more or less the equival...
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