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Jannelly !!
just a fangirl
just a fangirl

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me, my big bro, and little bro

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i look kinda funny cuz someone messed up. but i look better  than that

" i am confiedent, but i still have my moments, baby that's just me. i am not a supermodel, i still eat mcdonalds. baby that's just me. some people say i need to be afriad. of losing everything because of where i had start and where they knew my name. that is just the same in the la la land machine."
~ demi lovato, la la land

celeb crush is cameron boyce <3

i think you should now a little bit more about myself, i love to dance hiphop.i love singing. my favorite color is green and blue and orange. i love basketball. i love baseball. its in my blood. my fav animal is penguins. i love skateboarding. im 13 years old. i live in oklahoma city. i love tacos and mexican food. im dying to become a disney channel star. and if i do, i would like to date cameron boyce.

" got a one way ticket down a two way street. got the wind in my hair and there's dust on my feet. im just trying to make it in america.the only thing to my name is an old t-shirt, faded 1985 from a stones concert. and im dying to make it in america. and im singing the words to my favorite song,rap tap down and my glasses on, and im driving straight through america.I wanna taste the sound! cause, baby im born to run. And i got a feeling that im not the only one and.... I,I wanna show some skin. cause baby i need the ocean!  and you ant stop me now i got my heart in motion and i wanna make it in america!! make it in america!
~ victoria justice
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