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The Russian Girl With X-ray Eyes

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Russian X-ray girl thrills Japanese scientists with her remarkable gift! British and Japanese scientists acknowledged that the girl possesses an astounding ability to see through people.

A 17-year-old Russian girl, Natasha Demkina, from the city of Saransk, Russia has become known for her astounding X-ray ability to see people through and diagnose diseases. Scientists became interested in the Russian girl's phenomenon: Natasha Demkina was invited to come to London and New York for scientific experiments. British researchers unanimously acknowledged Natasha's remarkable gift, whereas American scientists hesitated to come to such a conclusion. They did not like that fact that the girl successfully diagnosed diseases with only four patients out of seven. Natasha Demkina has recently passed a similar test in Tokyo, where Japanese scientists confirmed the gift of the Russian X-ray girl.

”It takes me too much time to explain and specify everything that I can see. Sometimes I can see diseases at their early stages, when neither patients nor their doctors have any slightest suspicions about them. That is why we had problems with American scientists,” Natasha says.

During the test in Japan, Natasha was able to see that one of the patients had a prosthetic knee. Another patient had asymmetrically placed internal organs. Natasha easily diagnosed early stages of pregnancy and even a pathology of the fetus with a female patient. She diagnosed a rare undulating spinal curvature with a male patient. When Japanese doctors compared Natasha's drawing of the curvature with the X-ray photograph, they could see that the photo and the drawing were absolutely identical. When Natasha was finished with her seven patients, Japanese doctors could not help bursting into applause. However, it was only the first stage of the trial.

Natasha Demkina was offered to diagnose the disease of an old rottweiler. The girl was afraid to approach the unmuzzled animal, but the doctor told her that she had to look at the dog's paws. Five minutes later the girl pointed at the animal's right back leg, in which she saw a prosthetic device.

The Japanese scientists did not believe the girl, when she told them that she could also see diseases on people's photographs. When she was presented a small, passport-sized photo of a person, she quickly diagnosed liver cancer with the person on the picture.
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The Next Time You Have to Apologize - TRY THIS!!

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Your Curious Doubts Solved: How It Is To Be Struck By Lightning

Summer storms often result in thunder and lightning. Every year a small number of people die from being hit, but what about those who survive?

Lightning is a discharge of static electricity that occurs when there is an imbalance in the electrical charge between the cloud and the earth's surface.

In the UK, up to 60 people every year get struck and survive, but it's estimated that more than three-quarters of them suffer some form of permanent disability.

So what is life like after being struck by lightning?

Lightning bolt injuries typically leave distinctive patterns on the skin

Lichtenberg figure - also known as "lightning tree" or "lightning flower" - is red, branching electric discharge pattern that occurs on the skin of strike victims. Marks formed when delicate capillaries beneath skin rupture from shock of electrical discharge. Usually appear within hours of incident and disappear within days; tend to occur on upper body

Most people understand the dangers of being on open ground on water or near trees during the height of the storm. But there can still be danger before the storm is apparent and after it appears to have finished.

via +BBC News 

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The 'The Light: Swami Vivekananda' to release on 23rd August

" Swami Vivekananda has been a figure of inspiration for many. I am too a strong believer of Swamiji since my childhood and that was an inspiration to produce this biopic on life of the saint. He was an extraordinary personality. Isn't it amazing to know that his teachings are relevant even after 150 years? The youth can learn a lot from him which will help in leading a good life" says producer J. Misra

The film has Deep Bhattacharya playing Swami Vivekananda who is making his debut and was finalized after auditioning many faces across India.

On finding the right face for Swami Vivekananda the producer says "When it is a biopic, the biggest challenge is to find the right face. I was surprised to see the striking resemblance that Deep has with Swami Vivekananda 's face. He has done theatre earlier and went through a lot of training to fit in the character. We are very happy with the outcome"

The film's music is given by Dr. Haricharan Verma who has used compositions of Valmiki, Tulsidas, Surdas and Rabindranath Tagore while the songs have been sung by Suresh Wadkar, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Javed Ali among others.
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