Happy Thanksgiving! As we head into the Christmas online retail season, here's a helpful tip for businesses trying to prevent click fraud:

Turn ON "auto-tagging" inside your AdWords account so that every click will include a "GCLID". In PPCSecure, we track the GCLID, something that most click fraud detection companies do not do. The GCLID is a unique ID assigned to every click from your AdWords account. Here are the three possibilities to look out for and what they mean:

-A missing GCLID can mean the click is NOT from Google and therefore was not charged to your account. This is helpful because it allows you to ignore clicks in your reports in your search for clicks that are truly fraudulent.

-Sometimes you'll get many clicks with an identical GCLID. Even though your ad was clicked multiple times, you are only supposed to be charged by Google for a single click, so check and make sure you are not being overbilled.

-The worst case scenario is a single IP or cookie ID clicking your ad many times, each with a separate GCLID. This is a sure sign of fraud and you should request a refund for such clicks if you believe they were charged to your account.

We hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. While you are eating turkey and enjoying pumpkin pie, we will be here guarding your ads and preventing click fraud!
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