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Insurance for your protection and hoping you never need it. 
Insurance for your protection and hoping you never need it. 

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5 No-Brainer Reasons to Get a Gun Safe
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2.Preventing Burglary
3.Defending Your Home
4.Protecting Your Guns From Fire
5.Protection From Lawsuits

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Check out our new spy shop 

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Check out our new spy shop 


Monetary scams are just one of the many ways the elderly are taken advantage of. Today’s seniors are also subject to other forms of financial exploitation, physical and emotional abuse, and neglect.

Nationally, 1 in 44 cases of financial and physical elder abuse go unreported.

They can range from scams such as the grandparent scam mentioned above to a landlord adding fees to a senior’s rent.

More often then we care to admit, problems stems from an individual who has power of attorney withholding the senior’s money or using it improperly, usually a family member or gaurdian.

Elder abuse is not always a punch to the face, It can be neglect, emotionally belittling a senior, or the slow siphoning of a senior’s money.

Its time to #stoptheviolence and #stopelderlyabuse

We have been hearing of these tragic stories of elder abuse. This latest story was so extreme and sad- you might want to grab your tissues.

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. — Judy Ann Smothers was arrested Friday on suspicion of second-degree murder and second-degree elder abuse in the death of her mother, 87-year-old Theresa Smothers.

Judy Ann Smothers pleaded not guilty to the charges. According to Missouri Casenet, no future court date had been scheduled as of Sunday.

The younger Smothers was released on bond.

The 65-year-old Smothers originally was arrested Dec. 29 on suspicion of assault and elder abuse after police found her mother malnourished and lying in a bed soaked in fecal matter and urine.

She was booked at the Butler County Jail and released at 5 p.m. Dec. 30 at the end of a 24-hour hold, said Poplar Bluff detective Andrew Cleaveland.

Police said Theresa Smothers was found conscious but unaware of her surroundings, naked, in what they described as extremely serious condition, weighing only 71 pounds.

She suffered from extreme malnutrition and dehydration and open bed sores and had lost more than half her body weight in three months.

According to earlier reports, Judy Ann Smothers told police she could have taken better care of her mother but was too tired.

Local authorities were alerted to the conditions in the Poplar Bluff home by a hotline call from hospice workers, who reported the woman’s condition to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Police were told by state officials the victim was receiving one prepackaged cup of applesauce a day.

Cleaveland said Theresa Smothers never regained the cognitive ability to speak with police officers.

She spent her last two days at Westwood Hillls Health and Rehabilitation Center in Poplar Bluff, where Cleaveland said staff worked to make her as comfortable as possible before she died at 4:50 a.m. Dec. 31.

This tragic story has made us sad and left scratching our heads. How can you intentionally hurt a person who can not physically defend themselves.

We are standing together this year with our partners to prevent Elder Abuse!

We are educating our community in ways to stop this terrible trend!

We help advise on setting up Granny Cams and spy cameras. We have helped set up voice recorders and train an elderly on a walking stick that has some voltage for pertection.

Thursday June 15, 2017 is Elder Abuse Awareness day! 

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The Safe Steps Arm Band provides visibility when walking or running at night. The Safe Steps Arm Band operate in blinking or steady on modes and are available in 6 colors. They're the perfect light for running or walking your pets at night too. Our armband lights operate on 2 CR2032 Lithium batteries (included and installed) and are ready to wear right away. Weather resistant.
•Available In 6 colors: White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Pink
•Weather Resistant
•Flashing and Steady On Modes

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They say this is more for men- I beg to differ! this thing is awesome!! 

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