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Pip and virtual environments

I have googled the same information quite often in the past and I would like to collect this information in a post that I can just look up easily.

pip, virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper-win

Installing pip
A couple of ways - using easy_install OR using the get-pip script

Using easy_install
easy_install is an older package manager that is automatically installed with Python. It is found in <PYTHONHOME>\Scripts. You can just execute easy_install pip

get_pip script
Download the get-pip script from Once downloaded, you can run python at the prompt.

pip install virtualenv
An explanatory tutorial video:

pip install virtualenvwrapper-win
An explanatory tutorial video:

Main commands of virtualenvwrapper-win:

There are a couple of other features that I will add to a follow on post - install python modules into a virtualenv that require a compiler and including a different version of python into a virtualenv than the system one.
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