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Lena Svensson
Your Swedish Heritage is a small business that helps Americans find their Swedish roots.
Your Swedish Heritage is a small business that helps Americans find their Swedish roots.

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An Englishman in Sweden
I found this funny blog about what it is like for and Englishman to live in Sweden. He writes about his everyday life in Sweden and compares it with what he is used to from home. His name is Jimmy and he is married to a Swedish woman. http://jimmyinsweden.b...

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New Year's Day - Ivanhoe
Happy New Year!! Gott Nytt År!! Starting off the year by sharing a Swedish tradition. Since 1988 the screen version from 1982 of Walter Scott's story about the knight Ivanhoe has been shown in the afternoon of New Year's Day. The plot takes place in 12th ce...

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Christmas in Sweden mid 20th Century
I found this American film about how Christmas was celebrated in the mid 20th Century. A lot is still the same but maybe more modern. We usually do not have live candles in our trees any longer and we watch Donald Duck at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Many go...

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Tomten - poem by Viktor Rydberg
Another Christmas tradition is the poem Tomten (Robin Goodfellow) by Viktor Rydberg. Here it is read in a short film with English subtitles. Your Swedish Heritage Facebook:

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Christmas music
From the first of Advent and right up until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I like to listen to as much Christams music as possible to get in the right mood. Therefore I will here list some of the best Swedish Christmas music. First up is Peter Jöback, a ve...

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Family Recepie Friday - Radiokaka (Hedgehog slice)
A must have in every Swedish home is the book "Sju sorters kakor" (seven kinds of cookies). The book is named after the tradition of having at least 7 kinds of cookies at social gatherings known as kafferep (coffee rope) where you drink coffee, eat cookies ...

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Tuesday's Tip - Facebook Groups
There are several groups on Facebook where you can get help with your genealogy. Here are some of them: Swedish/American People Search - for people in Sweden who are looking for American relatives or the other way around.

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Allt för Sverige - The Great Swedish Adventure, season 4
I have just watched the first episode in the forth season of "Allt för Sverige" (in the US known as the Great Swedish Adventure). It is a Swedish reality show where 10 americans get to come to Sweden and compete for the chanse to meet their Swedish relative...

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Cinnamon Buns and Breast Cancer Awareness
October 4 is cinnamon bun day in Sweden and since October is breast cancer awareness month many stores have cinamon buns with pink pearl sugar on them. Cinnamon bun day was first celebrated in 1999, which makes it 15 years old this year. It was the Homebaki...

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Gotland's Oldest Votive Ship
I took a break from blogging and am trying to get back to doing it on a regular basis. The picture shows the oldest votive ship on Gotland. You can find it in the small church in the parish of Västergarn, 30 minutes south of Visby. The ship was given to the...
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