Continuing the recent trend of me getting way pissed off over bullshit defenses of things more than I am at the original things.

Read this and then check out Brandon Boyer's comment.

Ok. Wow. Did I read this right? Did Brandon Boyer just waste a bunch of perfectly good words there trying to argue that the judges for a contest that awards thousands of dollars shouldn't be expected to actually play the games that are entered? What the fucking fuck?

I almost went through it point by point, but none of what he said defends the actual problem and I don't think people need to be shown why. They paid $95 to be fairly judged for a contest. They clearly did not get that. Acting like this is the entrants' fault, acting like it's not a problem that a contest with tens of thousands of dollars to award doesn't make sure they get more than a couple minutes from the judges?

I was just disappointed when it was them just fucking up. When they started acting like they didn't, when they started blaming the people they wronged, I got MAD.
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