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Mark Cooper
A Hermit and a wild man, all in one.
A Hermit and a wild man, all in one.

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I'm in this one! Thanks Mike for posting this up. My subs have got a healthy bump within 24 hours of it being up.

For those who don't know, Mike here has a very successful channel that allows him to have the lifestyle that he does. He does a good job of it by not making it look like a job. I know he enjoys it too, or he wouldn't be doing it. But mad props to Mike for hooking a brother up by showing off what I'm working on.

This will probably get known virally as "the fumes car". It is my 85 Fiero GT converted into a 95 Diablo VT with my 95TA motor in it.

Anyway, check it out and my other videos that show the progress being made as I build this amazing car!

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At the Carlisle Import & Performance show. Shout out to +Street Speed 717 if you're around the area come check out the Lambo Diablo kit that runs on fumes! :-) It's pretty cool to see. I'll fire it up for folks tomorrow throughout the day. Or see my build diary @ search sisqocracker on youtube for channel. Website has a history lesson on this over 100 yr old tech @


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Tip of the iceberg y'all. More tools that we haven't seen yet will be deployed by those who like to steal identities and make money from doing so.

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Released on a Friday during a crisis...hhmmm, where have I seen that before? Oh yeah! I know. it's the same thing our gvt does when it wants stuff swept under the rug and not paid attention to.

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I've be busy making stuff again. 
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Biggest balls on the planet!

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Wow. This is the free thing, imagine how good the alphabet soup guys have it. Goes hand in hand with the other post I put up about them claiming you made a call to the middle east. Where the forensics prove you made the call, they could play it back as you and you didn't even know any of it happened.
Scary: From a one minute recording of someone's voice, you now can make them say anything. #Lyrebird 

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Let's Make a Better YouTube

My name is Rex I work on a project that's creating the world’s first open source cinema camera. Everyone working on the camera is unpaid, the project isn't profit orientated, and we are very strict with respect to operating in accordance with the FLOSS, GPNU, free, open hardware and open software ethos. Because of how much has been and can be achieved with a camera I've decided to try and bring people together with the aim of fulfilling an unrelated, and perhaps even more sought after need.

This post is a call to programmers and coders asking if you'd be interested in assisting with a challenge like this. Please do let me know.

Over the years it’s been irritating to see people struggle with policies dictated by the most notable video hosting sites - For the purposes of this campaign the term ‘existing hosts’ will hereafter refer to corporations such as the Alphabet Corporation owned YouTube, and other platforms such as Vimeo, LiveLeak, DailyMotion etc.

It’s quite a dangerous situation for us to be in where big, private companies hold such a vast monopoly on our content, have absolutely zero competition in the most notable cases, and as a result, for existing hosts to wield power over, punish, dictate to and in some cases censor their users with impunity across the internet. In many instances proof of the manipulation of viewership figures, rankings and content availability across subscriber streams has also been well documented. Mankind is in sore need of a free, publically managed, user controlled content host and streaming platform that would end our reliance on those existing hosts, provide better models for users to earn revenue, allow users to retain full ownership and control over their uploaded content, and facilitate their ability to build their own networks or customize community experience inside or outside of the host channel. Given that we built these existing host platforms up from nothing by contributing our content over the years, we can certainly start from scratch and build something again, but better.

With your help I’a like to lay the foundations for something which we collectively own. I'm confident this can be done outside of and away from existing, profit orientated business systems.

Initially, it would probably best to look at research and development in terms of stages, ie.

Stage One: Design and framework, community and logistics.

Stage Two: Implementation and perhaps Alpha testing.

Stage Three: Beta Testing, facilities?

Stage Four: Gradually open the membership process.

This has never been done before so aspects of development stages are likely to become more detailed as the process unfolds.

The only things I’d insist upon is that the project is entirely open source, that anyone is free to contribute in and develop the platform’s infrastructure, that the user community determines how the platform functions, and that we should avoid corporate trappings by pursuing cooperative or association business models in order to make the platform’s users its shareholders. Amongst other benefits, this would prevent other corporations from buying the platform and taking over its management upon success down the line.

Please accept this introduction as a promise to dedicate the time required for laying the foundations of a publicly owned content archive that helps begin the process of our undermining existing monopolies… Who’ve gradually moved-in to subtly and gradually strangle the freedoms the Internet has the potential to bring us.

What we’d need:

People with design and programming skills to come forward and offer assistance.

Please do come forward, thanks for reading, this post will be updated accordingly.


At time of writing all of the following videos are from the past month or so alone.

“YouTubers like H3H3 and Keemstar are attacking the Wall Street Journal for systemically publishing hit pieces about the platform, but are they missing the bigger picture?” - 1791L - video credit: 1791L.

It may or may not be related but since around the time of what's discussed in the above video YT has started playing much harder. In the following days it released a mobile application update to force consent of users to submit to them details of all contacts from a phone’s phone book, usage data, microphone access, SMS data, device and call information, constant location services so that Google can track your whereabouts 24 hours a day, and “other” data… Why on Earth would a video application need this information… it wouldn't. What it's saying is - Alphabet Corporation is accumulating more data with a view to selling it (probably to governments initially).

“Wondering why videos are 'invisible', disappearing, or not able to run ads?” -

Video credit: Truther-girl Sonja

Because YouTube Censorship Sucks -

Video credit: Truthstream Media.

My Channel Analytics -

Video credit: Experimental Vaccines

Youtube HATES the TRUTH! Squashed 6 More of My Videos! -


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So this means (at the bottom of the article), that the forensics of being able to prove that you made that phone call to the middle east really was done from your machine. Because once your machine is owned by the CIA, they will use this software which under the C&C portion will use RTP to place that call. Then when the regular authorities check to see if you called the middle east it will be there and it will be legit because they placed that call over there through your machine. Crafty bastards huh?

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