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This is good. You read this +Greg Gorgonmilk?

I want to write a non-magical dungeon, just as sort an exercise in how to build interesting dungeons without relying on magic to make it interesting.

Idea: A bunch of mercenaries have freed a bunch of people from an asylum in order to replenish their ranks. Then they stormed a monastery, in order to search for the treasure rumored to be buried with the saint.

Crazies: HD 1 berserkers, usually friendly they all have triggers that will make them attack you. The monastery is full of them; they've turned it into a madhouse.

Mercenaries: fighters and rogues, some are leveled. Currently sealed inside the dungeon (although they unlock the door for supplies every 12 hours or so).

Nuns + a couple of paladins: in various states of distress.

Since the enemies are mostly just "HD 1 AC chain Atk as weapon" I'll have to rely on situations to make combat interesting. Such as:

sniper on a balcony
room full of sleeping enemies
opportunities for diguise, infiltration, poison, etc
opportunities to pit factions against each other
portcullises (used by enemies to trap + shoot, or possibly by players)

Plus the fact that the place is full of madmen will give me lots of opportunities for bizarre social encounters with strange zones of advantageous behavior.

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How to Write Better Prose: A Useful Essay by Patrick Stuart

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A game is playing with a newish way to visualize a 3D environment, this time a cave.

Graphically, it's almost a throwback to the old wireframe days. I don't think it's particularly informed by nostalgia, though.

It looks interesting through, since you have to sorta 'feel' out the nearby surfaces and put them into your headspace--not everything is visible at once. +Patrick Stuart

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Seven new monsters and one old one.

I still need a good idea for anti-dragons.

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Basic equipment for the GLOG. At least a few of these items will probably get folded into the potions list at some point.

After flip-flopping for a bit, I decided to identify items by both their common name (holy symbol, common) and their setting-specific name (glove embossed with the nine eyes against chaos).

After more flip-flopping, I decided against a small equipment list that evoked the setting and decided to kitchen sink it. Centerra is generic fantasy; so's the equipment list.

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Phoenix -->

An albatross that cannot die, and is stuck in a perpetual state of drowning about a foot beneath the surface. Only able to lay eggs when it washes up on the shore. If hung around the neck, it will drown on behalf of the wearer (it was already drowning anyway).

If somehow dried off, will undergo existential crisis and throw itself back in the water,

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I can finally spell bureaucrat.

Also Scrap is horrible and you should all mail her boxes full of moldy bread.

Anyway, here is a post about the opposite of devils, written to document Scrap's considerable misdeeds.

If you are sensitive to moral outrage or explicit discussion of Scrap's unspeakable history, I suggest you read a different blog.

I threw in the art critic one for +Zak Sabbath.

There is also a large dose of Patrickian influence in this post, although he may be the only one that recognizes it.

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Adventure location: mountains that fight each other, monks that learned to fight by watching the mountains, and miners that pounce once a mountain falls.

Writing is hard.

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