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I saw this and I thought of Scrap Princess. Which led to the more interesting question of: why do I think that?

Seemingly bad grammar.
Implied meaning relevant to DnD.
Extrapolatable to like, life and stuff.
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Dungeonwriting challenge: a lightless dungeon, where sight and light are impossible (or at least strongly undesirable).

Books would need to be removed to be read. Inscriptions would need to be traced.

You might walk right next to a very quiet monster without seeing it. And if you are quiet enough, the monster might not see you either. (I just picture the sounds of a wet, shambling bulk wheezing down a hallway while the party presses themselves against the wall and holds their breath.)

You might be able to figure out if you can jump across the gap by waving your ten foot pole, but how do you measure if the far side is strong enough to hold your weight?

Figuring out what is in a room is going to involve a lot of slapping the floor.

If light sources aggro the whole dungeon, bonus points for figuring out something that will successfully tempt the PCs into lighting a torch.
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A canyon in the ocean, where you a desert thrives between cliffs of water. Whales eyeball cacti growing below them.

A castle inside a queen, full of her children and grandchildren. They are throwing a dance party. They are always throwing a dance party.
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I started a new campaign with a bunch of new level 1 players. Seems like a good reason to start blogging again.

I gotta get used to staying awake, man. I'm pretty sure I've never started a blog post earlier than 11pm.
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So what was Eric Holmes like?
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I'm tired of having HP for physical damage and Sanity points for mental damage (or whatever split system). Why not just use HP for both? The only difference is that you'd roll on a different part of the Death and Dismemberment Table (one dedicated to mental trauma).

Physical damage in excess of your HP dismembers/kills you. Emotional damage in excess of your HP causes fear, or breakdowns, or insanity.

HP represents "don't get hit points", right? It makes sense. Like when John McClane walked over broken glass, was that physical damage or emotional damage?
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So character sheets are a thing.

What about party sheets? What would you put on there? Stats for the whole party.

*Charisma - It shouldn't just be the bard doing all the talking
*Noise - how likely the party is to bump into a wandering monster
*Detection - how likely the party is to find signs of a wandering monster, advantageous terrain, etc
*Light sources & times

*Enemies - including % of showing up this session!
*Allies - including % of showing up?
*Accomplishments - "quests completed", "notorious fuckups", etc
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So Napa and Santa Rosa caught fire last night. I was evacuated down the coast. Filling my car, I realized that once you get past the essentials, most of what I was hauling around was DnD books.

I need to invest in more PDFs. Books are bulky.
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An overview of the OSR of Spain. How's your Spanish?
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