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Innovative Indie Gaming with Retro DRM
Innovative Indie Gaming with Retro DRM

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The Nordic Games Weekend Sale is live! 50 well known titles are for sale, each for 75% off!

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We have added 12 new games in the past week: some indie games like Into The Gloom and some older classics such as Summoner, Titan Quest, and Dark Fall.

Is there anything that jumps out at you?

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Celebrate INDIEpendence day w/ Tower of Guns, Arcane Worlds, Super Trench Attack, & More on BIG Sales! 

We've also added a few new games:

Rush for Glory ( - A campaign driven tower defense with a big tech tree and 30 different enemy units to combat.

Chronology ( - The platformer that feels a lot like Braid and LIMBO mixed together.

Antisquad ( - A tactical, turn based, squad shooter. Enjoy!

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The 101 Days of Summer Daily Deals has begun! Every 24 hours we will cycle through a new rotation of up to 12 heavily discounted games.

So bookmark this page and check it often. You wouldn't want to miss out on 80% off on that special title, would you?

Friendly notice:

Our Summer Sale starts 12:01 am CST tomorrow. Stay tuned for some very limited deals! And if you think it's too early for summer, remember that we're from Texas.

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The Patrick Scott Patterson Indie Bundle is live!

Save over $50 on 6 great indie titles and get Survivor Squad, 3 Stars of Destiny, SpaceChem, Ring Runner, Residue, and Dwarf Quest for just $3.99.

All of these titles are not only DRM-free or DRM-lite but 4 of them also include Steam keys, while the other 2 have been greenlit with Steam keys on the way once available.

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Today, we've made the difficult decision to allow Steamworks titles onto ShinyLoot. Ultimately, this decision is fueled by our desire to enhance our exploration and discovery based tools. It's our most unique point, and we'll continue to focus on it moving forward.

With that, we're also hosting a sale to hopefully ease the pain. We're discounting Alan Wake, Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis IV, and Supreme Commander by 75% this weekend.

If you would like to read about or discuss this change, please read the relevant forum post at,55.0.html.

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One more day left to get a nice discount on 24 indie games. If you've been enjoying that demo for the past week, don't miss your chance to save some good money. Or miss your chance and let it haunt you forever. Because we believe in freedom!

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Valentine's Day is great and all, but not for everyone. This year we celebrate the day by offering up a week long Forever Alone Sale on 170 single player games. Discounts range from 15 to 80% off, and we even have daily deals lined up.

You may be sad come Feb 14, but at least you're going to get some great deals out of it. So chin up. We're here for you.
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