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Types Of Dies In Sheet Metal, Die Construction, Tool Making And Tool Engineering
Hi friends in the previous post we have discussed types of tool die operations. This post is about types of dies used in the manufacturing industry for sheet metal components. In which the function of dies and differences between these dies are mentioned. S...

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Introduction To Types Of Press Tool Operation ( Cutting And Non Cutting Actions)
Hi friends in the another post, we have discussed about
types of dies used for manufacturing. Basically the types of dies depends on
the type of operation in the press machine. So we will discuss the type of
operations in the sheet metal component by press ...

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What are Type of chips? (Discontinuous or segmental Chips,Continuous Chips,Continuous Chips With Built-Up Edge)
In a tool room while machining process is performed in a work piece. The material removal takes place. This material removes in the form of chips. These material chips could be of many types. The type of chips determines the nature and properties of materia...

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Introduction And Nomenclature Of Single Point Cutting Tool And Tool Signature
Hello guys, i am back with my new post about single point cutting tool. in this post you ca have all the information about single point cutting tools. Here we will discuss the nomenclature of single point cutting tool, its parts and tool signature. in the p...

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Jigs and fixtures
Jigs and fixtures are very important devices used in manufacturing industry. These devices or equipment are used to locate, guide and hold the work piece in the machining process. The main benefit of jigs and fixtures is repeatability. It eliminates the pro...

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Demineralizers also called ion- exchangers. Demineralizers are used in power plants which uses fluids. It is used to eliminate the impurities from fluids. This is most common method to remove impurities dissolved in a fluid. This facility increases the over...

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What are the Four Forces act on the aircraft
We know that there are four type of forces that act on an aircraft. Now we will discuss these forces in detail. In this post we will discuss how these forces generate and how these forces are controlled by the pilot.  As we know there are mainly four forces...

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What is aerodynamics, How airplane fly
AERODYNAMICS  is a broad subject. It is itself a branch of engineering. In the aerodynamics the detail study of aircraft, its movement and its mechanism are to be done. In the aerodynamics the motion of aircraft, mechanism of flying, forces acting on the ai...

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How to Design and build a Wall climbing or vertical climbing Robot.
INTRODUCTION:- Wall climbing robot is an edition of mobile robots. Mobile robot is not
a new technology nowadays. Wall climbing robots can be very useful for the task
to be done at high altitudes.  The wall climbing robots can be useful for
construction wor...

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What is CRDI - Common Rail Direct Injection.
INTRODUCTION:- CRDI or common rail direct
injection system is a method of injection of fuel into the engine cylinders of
petrol and diesel engines. In the engines, a high pressure
common rails used to inject the fuel in individual valves. In the modern gene...
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