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Definitely something to watch here.  I personally think it's inevitable that the US will end up with a single-payer system, but how long it takes will depend on what happens in Vermont, and especially what measures the insurance companies will use to undermine this ground-level threat to their very way of life.
The state is building the US's first single-payer system.
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In MN, about a long lunch walk from where I'm typing, United Health Care is raising yet another new building. Their campus must be approaching seven or eight large buildings, not including the associated Optum campus also near here.

In short, 1) the ACA is not injuring insurance companies and related services, and 2) it will be difficult for MN to follow VT's footsteps, regardless of VT's success.
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Census data shows that income inequality is generally higher in Congressional districts with a Democratic representative than those with a Republican representative.  I am, however, unconvinced that this means anything.
But that's not why Democrats care more than Republicans about income inequality.
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One party views inequality as a problem to be solved, and has a "bigger than just my district" view. The other party is all, "Problem? What problem?"
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One of these things....

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Multi-species clean-up crew!
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Keep me in mind if something comes up. Also able to drive hither and thither.
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There is a kosher refrigerator on our floor here. It's protected by a combination lock. What I find amusing is that the combination is printed on the sign—in Hebrew. 
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I think the lock is most likely made in the US and therefore should be LTR - while single digits should be RTL, if it were an Israeli lock (applies to any enumerations). The internet of things must be fun, indeed - thanks for the preview.
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Wee, another OpenSSL bug.  Still looking for a more technical explanation of the vulnerability and what is required to exploit it.
Online encryption is much less secure than we realized, and your emails, Facebook posts, credit card number, and other private information may be at risk.
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Here you go, a technical, code-centric explanation:
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Amtrak security theatre, explained (more or less).  With suggestions on how to avoid at at least some major stations.
Boarding trains is easy. People do it all around the world. But for unclear reasons, Amtrak makes it difficult at certain stations. To a limited extent, it's possible to beat the system. In a larger sense, only policy reform can save the day.
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This needs to be spread widely.
You know every once in awhile, I run into racial issues.  My neighborhood is a upper middle class area.  But there is some asshole here who likes to call the cops whenever there is someone who isn't white in this area.  If I find out who it is, there will be some shouting involved.

A black american gentleman has been going door to door trying to sell some magazines in order to improve his own life.  Great speaker, and I took an instant liking to him.  So while I'm having this nice conversation, I see a squad car cruising the area.  They never cruise around here.  We both took note.  It's hard to forget that crestfallen look on the guys face when he sees that.  The man tried really hard not to look intimidating, keeping a fair distance and so forth.  It just made me feel ashamed.  Ashamed of my neighbors, ashamed of my society, that we can't treat people of color without thinking they are some kind of crooks.

The last time I saw a cop in the neighborhood was when I had a african friend of mine and his friend come over and help me move a fridge from one house to another.  Now, these guys aren't remotely street.  They are Intel engineers making an upper middle class income.  But of course that doesn't matter does it?  You can be whatever end of the income scale and you're still treated like some hoodlum.  There was no end to my rage after seeing my friends treated like this.  of course their reaction is dismay, but they also shrug and move on while I sputter at the injustice.

My friend who is single usually willl house sit for me.  Because he's black, I had to tell my neighbors that he's coming over to babysit so nobody calls the cops on him or something.  I'm ashamed I had to do that.  But I don't trust these people in my neighborhood to be adult.

Race in the U.S. is a complex conversation.  But a lot of time we ask these people to get over the past and make something of themselves.  It might also help if we also get over it and stop treating them as criminals.  It's a two way street.
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all you guys do is, to pick out one single sentence out of context and then blame me, because not understanding it as a whole - not exactly my problem. only provided a serious statement for comparison - nothing more and nothing less. bye.
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Who was it that decided that eyelashes are a gender marker?  Virtually all current children's animated programming marks female characters (regardless of species) by giving them prominent eyelashes, while on male characters they are almost invariably absent.  This is, admittedly, better than the old code, which involved dresses (often even with animals where the male characters are entirely unclothed), lipstick, or hair bows, but I still wonder why animators seem to think that animated characters have to have visibly marked gender.  

I've noticed this recently on Word World and Peppa Pig, but I've seen it in other places as well.  I should go and check to see whether this rule is observed in the new My Little Pony reboot; it has fairly few male characters but there are some, but I can't bring myself to actually watch them by myself.
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Cows With Guns - The Original Animation

This video prominently features a cow with udders who is identified as male in the lyrics.
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This just made me laugh, hope the driver has a better job soon.
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