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Seeking Geppetto users ... putting together some marketing material for the new 3.2.0 release and I am looking for quotes to include. 

Hm, copy paste in google docs and Chrome does not handle pasting formatted text. Works in Safari though... Surprised.

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Geppetto has now been downloaded more than 6000 times.
Current rate is ~500/month.

Yay !
(And I need to update the site, currently at 3.0.2)

Anyone I know that knows Martin Thiede who developed RGen - Ecore for Ruby?

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Updated my Tascam US144 driver in hope it fixes the Google+ hangout issues I been having. Nope, did not work. I did however find something intereting - the error message is "The input has been muted by the hardware" (or words to that effect), and when I look in the settings panel - the volume and mute controls for the device are disabled ! Aha... I think that is the problem in the GoogleTalk driver - detecting that the controls are disabled as opposed to being muted/having 0 volume.

As mentioned earlier it works if I route the audio via soundflowerbed and linein or garageband (but it too much to set up each time, and it creates a bit of an echo).

Olof... still interested... look at screenshot.

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The video of my Geppetto 3.0 presentation at puppetconf 2012 is now available online -

As you will see in the video I must have been one goat short when sacrificing to the demo gods :) - and why I kept referring to the presentation's character "Herman" as "Herbert" I will never figure out...

And if you wonder why I all of a sudden say "My knees are killing me" it's because I had to stand on my knees to be able to demo and not block the projector's beam at the same time. (Longer cables next year please :))

Enjoy the rest though ;-)

Puppetconf is big this year. Close to 800 attending and 1600 watching via live video stream. Excited about todays presentation about Geppetto 3.0.

Geppetto downloads are up to over 5400 now...
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