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Are there any more blood Gypsies in or near New Port Richey, Florida?  A Familia? A Natsia I am not aware of? I have met no other Gypsies here. I am alone so far. I am Drabarni. It is not good for a Gypsy to not have familia nearby. Especially Drabarni. I lived in other countries for many, many years.  I know no one of the old school here. My powers are intact, but I feel like I am fading from lack of use. The people here have stolen my possesions, incl
uding Special Tarot and my very special and precious ball of the finest Asian Crystal, to say the worst that can happen to one of my blood. That ball was handed down to me from at least 5 generations, perhaps more. One never knows what he or she has unless given the opportunity to use if for awhile. To communicate and become a blood brother, or sister with it. It is as if a piece of your being was taken from you. ANatsia Elder would surely know what I am going through.  Anyone out there? I am The old one in the hat, if you can see the picture.  
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