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The Baby Boomer’s To Do List
Now that you
have the necessary information, get moving on implementing each one of the
changes that we’ve covered here.  Here’s
a checklist to help you to find those rewards now. ü      Improve your
diet today.  Develop an eating plan that
helps to promote...
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Lifestyle Changes For The Baby Boomer
One of the most
difficult things for the Baby Boomer to change is that of his lifestyle.  That’s why we’ve left it until now.  You knew it was coming.  You have to give up drinking, smoking and all
of those other things that are ripping apart your health an...
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The Baby Boomer And Money
One of the
largest worries that a baby boomer has to deal with is the financial aspect of
life.  It may seem strange to include the
money aspect of your life in this e-book, but the Baby Boomer needs to take
into account the financial obstacles that they ar...
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The Baby Boomer’s Brain
Your brain is
one of the most important things for you to take into consideration in any
health regimen.  For the Baby Boomer, it
is even more vitally important to care for your brain. Today, the
number of Alzheimer’s patients is quickly on the rise.  There...
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Supplementing And Hormones
As a
combination of the diet and exercise regimens of the Baby Boomer, it is also
important to take into consideration supplementation and your body’s hormones,
both of which are critical at preserving the body’s health and longevity. You may ask why
you ne...
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The Baby Boomer’s Exercise Regimen
Everyone hates
the word exercise, but it is a vitally important component to health and well
being.   With so many people striving for
improved health, there are gyms opening up everywhere.   On top of this, you’ll find countless
opportunities to do simple ...
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The Baby Boomer’s Diet
Here’s an
exercise for you. What did you
eat this morning or today, for that matter? 
Did you eat a well balanced diet that’s full of whole grains, lean
proteins, vegetables and fruits?  Or, was your
breakfast a cup of coffee and maybe a bagel, loaded with ...
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Can You Avoid Aging? The Truth You Must Know
Walk into any
department store and you’ll find hundreds of beauty products lining the
shelves.   Each one of those products has
something else, something unique to offer.   Most promise to hide the signs of aging.   Some make claims of being able to erase t...
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Now Is The Time To Take Charge
Time is
fleeting.   It just doesn’t last as long
as we would like it to last.   Although it
may seem like just yesterday you were raising your children, those years have
passed and now they are raising their own children.   But, before you let any more time...
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If You Hate Writing Articles…
Owning, running and maintaining an Internet based business
or a site needs articles. Plain and simple, every one who has a site knows
this. Even those who don’t have sites but are frequent Internet users knows
this as well. Articles quench the thirst for in...
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