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Search, Content, and Social Media Marketing
Search, Content, and Social Media Marketing

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Big Google Ads News: Right Side Bar Ads Are Gone

Say goodbye to the right sidebar ads on desktop. I will be watching this carefully to see how this impacts organic listings, if at all. It may make ads even more competitive. Real estate on 1st page of Google continues to shrink. Seeking other online marketing activities continues to be important.

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What Will SEO Look Like in 5 Years

Nothing like it looks now. The future of SEO = apps, social, and voice search.

Great article here. What really struck me is this line: " turns out that 85 percent of the time we spend on phones is spent in apps — really it’s spent in just a handful of apps."


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GHOST/REFERRER SPAM continues to burn my buns! The bane of SEOs existance everywhere, I'm sure. Anyways, what method do you prefer to deal with it? The exclusion of spammy URLs method or inclusion of hostnames method? LMK. Thanks fellow SEOs!

CC: +Glenn Gabe +Mark Traphagen (sorry for not tagging tons of other people, my brain is baked)

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How To Mine Data for SEO Insights

How do you analyze your clients’ #SEO data? Try these tactics for gathering actionable analytics:

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For me to read.

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New on the +Commexis blog by yours truly. A bit basic for most of you peeps here, but worth mentioning to those who still live in a bubble. #SEO and #socialmedia are two great tastes that taste great together!

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SEO Tips for 2016 from Top Experts

Basically... SEO in 2016 looks a lot like SEO in 2015... make sure your site is mobile-friendly, focuses on the user and usability, providing high quality content that helps answer questions, and (yes, still) backlinks from only high quality and authoritative sources.

Social will play a role simply for visibility and relationships.


#SEO2015 #SEO2016  

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Reviews No Longer on Google+ Local Pages

I guess we all saw this coming. +Linda Buquet makes it all clear here and on the Local Search Forum. I'll be looking at all of our client sites to make sure they're being pointed in the right direction to leave a Google review. BTW - great tool on the Local Search Forum to get the review-submission link!!

#localSEO #GoogleLocal #GooglePlus
Google Official: Reviews Will Not Be Coming Back to G+ Local Pages.  There has been much speculation and debate about the fate of Google+ Local pages, especially since the new Google+ update (preview) came out.  By now most of you are aware that the whole review piece (and several other important pieces) are totally missing from the G+ Local pages.

Word came down from Google. Here is what you need to know now...

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Quick Content Curation Tips

Curating content is time-consuming, but done right, can help increase your reach and authority. Among the steps listed here, I particularly like and use Feedly to follow the blogs that I read on a frequent basis to find good content worth sharing.

There are certainly way more content curation tools out there, but the biggest takeaway here is to have a system and follow that system on a consistent basis. It's hard, but obtainable; it's an overlooked tactic in your content marketing plan.

h/t +Neil Ferree

#contentdiscovery   #contentcuration   #contentsharing   #contentmarketing  
How to Master Content Curation in 5 Easy Steps

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Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines

This is an important document because it reveals some of the inner workings of how Google looks at websites, how they categorize information and content on a website, and how/why they determine what components get a high or low quality rating. While this isn't necessarily an exact list of ranking factors, it can be surmised that the elements are important specifically for user experience - and hence may possibly be related to ranking factors.

I'm reading closely. :)

Google just made public their latest version of the Quality Raters Guidelines (PDF linked from the blog post)
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