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I had been following The Apprentice on BBC for last few weeks. The final winner came in as a shocker - Mr Tom, the nice guy and inventor.

It was a good learning, after getting to see what it takes to win.
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Yep, very true. I think we also got to see that an investor is looking for a tangible idea, a product that can sell in the market and a partner who has demonstrated a cycle of think-build-market-sell-innovate. Various other factors such as doing your market research, being able to organize, ability to handle pressure and sharp negotiation skills were also evident from these challenges.

Susan & Helen were two different worlds apart, one being an absolute perfect organizer and go-getter and other being extremely naive yet quite full with tremendous enthusiasm and courage. Jim quite demonstrated, too much of anything is really bad, specially if you are a salesman, you got to be realistic at some point.

Now looking forward to the next season, lets see whats there to learn.
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