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Greg Lhamon
I'm a storyteller, mentor, speaker, sales leader, and marketer. I help guys learn how to lead well, love their family, and live with passion and humor.
I'm a storyteller, mentor, speaker, sales leader, and marketer. I help guys learn how to lead well, love their family, and live with passion and humor.

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Companies require you to apply online for jobs. That's good because it makes it easy to apply very quickly.

It's also bad because it's harder to stand out among hundreds of people who apply for the same job.

But here's a way for you to set yourself apart. It takes just a few minutes but it virtually guarantees that you'll get your foot in the door.

And it's so simple that you'll wonder why everyone doesn't do it. But very few people do. And that's good for you.

He's in his mid-20s and he's getting married tomorrow. At the post-rehearsal party last night, my buddies and I gave him the requisite hard time:

"You sure you want to go through with this?"

"It ain't too late to back out, you know."

"Look at the toll marriage has taken on us! Run while you still can."

We all laughed. Him too.

But later in a quiet moment, I asked, "Do you love her?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Can't live without her?"

"I really can't."

"That's good. But let me tell you something. There'll be days when you'll look at her and wonder why you ever said 'I do.' Or you'll think, 'I don't even want to be under the same roof as her.' But stick with her. Gut it out. Because the gold is on the other side of that. The other side is where the really good stuff happens. Most people walk out before they get to the good stuff. Don't walk. Gut it out."

Hope he didn't mind the old guy prattling on but I really believe that stuff.

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My childhood home is now up for sale. It was necessary but I've been surprised at how the news has saddened me. If you measure wealth by how much stuff we had, I grew up poor. But in every other way that matters, my childhood was wealthy beyond belief.

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I saw a man who ceaselessly chased a dream even when it remained perpetually out of reach. I saw a hopeful dreamer, yes, but also a hapless warrior who, in the face of mounting setbacks, continued to expend blood and guts and flint in an attempt to achieve something worthy for himself and his family. 

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In the end, the measure of a man is not his success but the manner in which he braves the battle. 

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Our children will honor us if we lead by example and honor our own parents. 

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"We're going to castrate a few bulls today. Wanna help?" could I say no?

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The story of two immigrants and how each reminded me (again) of how fortunate we are to live in America. 

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He had Asperger's Syndrome, so he had quirks and peculiarities. I saw how it made some people uncomfortable around him.

But then I spent a year getting together with him a couple of times a month. And I discovered an electrifying mind and fascinating human being.

I feel sorry for those who don't take the time to get inside his world.

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A post of mine from The Good Men Project.
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