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I've done this three times now and I'm finally getting good at it.
Today I replaced this ugly bathroom faucet. It's an old Moen faucet and this is the third one I've replaced. Watching this video was incredibly helpful. Obviously, turn off the water supply first. Next remove this...
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I finally bought one of those tube-like extenders that helps you tighten or loosen the big retaining ring under the sink...  I was about to make one myself and it occurred to me that maybe someone already had. And sure enough they are at Home Depot!
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Eric Burke

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I'm easily amused.
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Eric Burke

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Eric Burke

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I'm switching to iPhone. Here's why.
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I've now said pockets enough times to make it sound and look weird in my head, pockets, pockets, pockets
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Eric Burke

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Dammit. I'm down to "12 tweets" and I have no idea how to see or delete them.

Random trivia: Calling Twitter4J's getRateLimitStatus() counts as a ding against your Twitter rate limit. Simply removing that line allowed me to plow through 2500+ deletes without a single rate limit cap.

These 12 phantom tweets will drive me crazy.
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The RateLimitStatusListener in Twitter4J should allow you to monitor how many calls you have left without counting toward you limit.
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Eric Burke

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Nothing. She was running around like this for several minutes before Jen started recording the video.
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Eric Burke

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A tiny change to iOS Gmail's Archive button would make for a much better experience. Simply expand the touchable area and disable the Favorite star (update: while the Archive button is visible).
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I go back and forth between iOS mail and google mail on my iPhone 4S. I find the iOS 7 mail app more pleasing at the moment. I use a gmail address.
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Eric Burke

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Never mind, I just say your older post with the reasons. 
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Eric Burke

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I don't think the author is really serious about this statement: "It’s time for federal authorities to step in and move the show someplace else." (I hope not, that's not how I want government to work)

The rest of the article makes sense:
"Large tech companies like to be where the highest concentration of skilled tech workers is. Entrepreneurs want to be where the venture capitalists are. Venture capitalists want to be near both the skilled workers who can staff new firms and the established firms who may buy the companies. People with skills want to go where the venture capital and the employers are."

It's a virtuous cycle and that makes it very hard for cities like St. Louis, for example, to create a comparable tech culture. 
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The fresh crab and sourdough bread are quite awesome too.
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Eric Burke

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A few more days of tweet purging remains, only 2500 remain. Naturally I receive an email from Klout informing me my Klout score just went up.
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