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Andrew Patterson
Don't drink from the mainstream
Don't drink from the mainstream


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Jero, NEST Collective, #Hashtag news
So over the course of the last two years I have been bouncing around various studio spaces; as a small condo + large format painting and spray painting do not mix. In February I happened upon some like-minded individuals who were starting up a new shared st...

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#Inktober Begins!
Gonna try and keep up with the #Inktober flow here - Day one is below. I misplaced my brush and ink, so for today it's an .8 Copic, because that's all i could find somehow. Also, lots of new paintings in the works, I'll try to get some good flicks to put up...

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Big thank you to everyone who came out last Thursday to check out the opening for Analog! There was a great turn out, and both Andy and I appreciate all the support. If you weren't able to attend the opening, the artwork will remain on display through April...

So...correct me if I'm wrong...but you can't post to another person's 'wall' here, correct? It's all outgoing content (besides commenting on posts)?

Google+ has some serious potential here...the next few weeks should be very interesting.
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