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Ha! I go to one of them sometimes, the lady who works weekday mornings is incredibly sweet and always remembers what I want (in fact she introduced me to it). 

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I will donate $1 to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts...

1.  For every new person that circles me until Friday at 12PM EST  11/9
2.  For every time this post is shared until Friday at 12PM EST

I just found out that my company is going to match dollar for dollar donations to the Red Cross in support of Hurricane Sandy relief.   I know there are plenty of people who would like to help without the monetary means to do so.  I have been fortunate in that I was not affected by Sandy and that during the recession both my wife and I remain gainfully employed.

So I am willing to put up my money (minimum of $100 max $500).  Assuming we hit the max that will be $1000 going to the Red Cross ($500 from me and $500 from the Red Cross)  Though I doubt we'll get there...but I have been surprised before...

Let's Vote for something that really matters.  Saving lives and getting people back on their feet.

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"People ask why I am not a libertarian if I am a classical liberal, or what is the difference between the two. The answer is that there are functions the government can and should provide, that serve a public good and that are not within the province of the private sector. Protecting those who cannot protect themselves clearly falls into that category. Failing to protect children by going after child abusers and instituting programs that prevent child abuse are important state functions and cutting those programs, when the long term effects of child abuse are clearly known, is, IMO, almost criminal, morally wrong, and demonstrates a misunderstanding of why we have a government in the first place. Whether it's Perry cutting funds or Paul proposing we eliminate Human Services, they are showing an unfitness to serve as national and state leaders." +Thomas Paine

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Hey, if nobody is actually stealing your money with this information you aren't in any danger. So stfu, poors! Why do you think you're so special, wanting to keep your financial information and actual bank account numbers private?

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Someone I know is looking for a job. Most recently she worked as a technical writer for a company that makes high end scientific microscopes, and in the past she has worked on process analysis/documentation. She currently lives on the east side of Seattle but is willing to relocate.

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Citibank customer, arrested while trying to close her bank account. Thanks +Christopher Loflin

Reshare if you believe you ought to have the right to decide where your money is kept. The police are fully capable of escorting protesters inside the bank several at a time to close accounts. The banks just don't want it to happen.

In this video, 20 protesters are being held inside the bank until they can be arrested. They are not being violent. They just wanted to get their money. Near the end of the video, the police sweep another protester who is outside into the bank, so they can arrest her as well.

As someone in the youtube comments points out: None of this is legal. They don't even have a reason for arresting her! she should file a lawsuit for false arrest.
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