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Show PLURR Pride. Shorten URLs & Share the Love.
Show PLURR Pride. Shorten URLs & Share the Love.


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Taking the right steps to secure our services begins with HSTS. Most URL shortening services are having trouble keeping the spam and hackers away. We are fighting against fraud and deception by implementing security filters.

HSTS is a way to improve our security by pre-loading the site with secured elements before serving. Unlike regular https sites, a user can search for a non-secure version of a site and connect via port 80 (open public port) before redirecting to port 443 (secured port). During the redirect process, a hacker can intercept transmissions and use that for their benefit. HSTS prevents the use of non-secured transmission from the start of any session.

This type of setup allows for a better user experience by not displaying unwanted information but most importantly protects the legit users of the system. We take pride in our services and want our members to know that their accounts are safe. If by chance we are compromised, our system will halt processes automatically and adjust with countermeasures in order to provide a stable platform for users. A forum is under development to keep the public posted about any unusual activity.

You can read more at:
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Welcoming PLURR Communities. During our initial development, we ask for any feedback to our new system. Our goal is to keep the PLURR Strong by representing with a unique URL Shortening Service. Options to advertise or publish for revenue becomes available as a member.
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