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from Black Irish Boob l:56, 2:09, 3:43, 4:11... a digital clock flipped off red lucent numerals in the spare charming space where delirious with somnolence and the accumulating lack of it, I would enter and rock in the blackness and tend to those who would ...

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Usual Suspects
Chancellor of New York City’s public
schools, Carmen  Fariña announced this past July that she would aim to  fire the principal of John Dewey High School under whose leadership (or lack thereof) a cheating scandal occurred. Early in August, Chancellor  Fari...

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Dateline, Brookline: The Community College Presentation and The Brookline Bureaucrat Troll Under The Bridge
My son, a young man with
Asperger’s, a disorder on the autism spectrum, attends a school/residential program which is designed to support students in   areas of
social skills, executive function, employment readiness, and to post-secondary
academic study. H...

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How a Bald Mansplainer Troll Ruined Parents Day at CIP
I attended the first of four presentations at College
Internship Program (CIP) in Massachusetts yesterday, where my son, a young man with
Asperger’s (a disorder on the autism spectrum) is in attendance. CIP is
designed to support students in   areas of

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NYC's Charter School Smackdown: Who Are The Real Panderers?
On May 17th, the 59th anniversary of  Brown v. Board of Ed , the New York Daily News reported this question Harlem Success Academy founder and charter schools advocate Eva Moskowitz put to Public Advocate and mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio: We're glad Bill ...

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Bored-o-Ed: Require All Students to Have Physical Education Daily
If I were Queen of the New York City schools--or Chancellor, even, my first initiative would be to require   all students to have Physical Education daily.  If I could change one thing alone, it would be this.  Currently, most New York City Public School st...

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Bring Up the Teaching Profession's Intellectual Game
I was teaching the novel   Jane Eyre   to honors sophomores about 28 years ago in one of New York City's top high schools when a student raised his hand: "Why are you a teacher? You seem smart enough to be a doctor or lawyer." He was being a smart-ass. But ...

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Bored-o-Ed: Rein in the Tyranny of Homework and Extend the School Day
It wasn't until I became a parent that I came to see the extent to which homework can siphon the harmony out of family life. I'm a big fan of academic rigor for children. Children  should  work hard in school, but all too often I watched my own children bol...

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Caveat Emptor: Charter School Totems and Private/Public Education
Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, closed her schools in New York, on Tuesday October 8th so as to allow students parents and teachers to join a demonstration to defend public school privatization. 20,000 showed up. That's qu...

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Election Night 2016: What Can We Do?
1. I had a few friends over on election night, folks who live nearby, folks I'd not seen in a while, friends who'd would whoop it up with me, call out, and hug it outing celebration of the first woman president. What we were sure would We be a party sharply...
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