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If Microsoft make yet another change to #XboxOne policies before launch can we all call it Xbox 360?

Post has attachment seems great. Much closer to Dropbox than other offerings.

10GB free using my referral link (5GB without) plus another 2GB if you tweet during setup:

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Merry Christmas!

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Mountain Lion going well...

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Nexus 7 Replacement

It's worse!

I just received my replacement Nexus 7, I still have the original and I should be returning that but now I'm completely unsure what to do...

It suffers from glass lift on the left edge, severe image ghosting and worse of all, a line of dead pixels right down the screen.

The images speak for themselves! 

Well done on selling the iPad to me Google!
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I received my Nexus 7 8GB today (UK) and I think it's an absolutely fantastic device.

However, to my disappointment I appear to have the lifting / spongy screen issue on the left hand side of the device. On the left side of the device the glass is raised over the bezel and is spongy when I touch it.

Not an issue, I called the 0800 number after after 40 minutes (mostly waiting) I had the replacement process in motion, in a day or so I will be emailed with a tracking number (hopefully) for a new device and also the details for sending mine back.

The CS representative on the phone was a little rusty, maybe not fully clued up on what I asked them about, however generally the person completed my request very well.

The bit that has me irked is that the CS rep said that I have to pay the return shipping fee. When I asked why this is as it's not my problem, she implied 'that's just the way it is'. Maybe if the new N7 gives me another £15 of Play credit I would not really be worried, but they really need to be compensating me for the postage.

My next worry is that the replacement unit will be no better. Fingers crossed!

For those with a Nexus 7, I would really appreciate your feedback on any problems you may have encountered or better still, if your device is fault free.

To finish on something positive: The N7 screen is really crisp and super fast thanks to Jelly Bean and that Tegra 3 quad core chip! I think +Hugo Barra and his team have built a fantastic device even if it does appear to have some rushed manufacturing flaws however their attempts at retailing a device is not so successful. 

Update 26/07/2012:

After hearing from the replacement department at Google Play support they explained that had been an issue with TNT not issuing return labels after replacement devices arrive hence why some CS reps were confused regarding who pays for return shipment.

This replacement CS rep I emailed with was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the process. They provided a special Google Wallet URL that allowed me to order a replacement device and this places a charge authorisation on my credit card. Once I receive my new device I will then be sent a shipping label within 48 hours, I have 21 days to return the faulty unit.

Overall, pretty good service except for the mix up yesterday.

Google Cloud Messaging for Android

For anyone looking at the new GCM service, there appears to be a problem with the Server library when used with App Engine (1.7.0). This is just a heads up. The error is below, let me know in the comments if you run into similar problems.

"java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/android/gcm/server/Sender"

occurs at: Sender sender = new Sender("my_api_key_here");
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