We are getting ready for a 5 month stint, starting 14th September we will fly out to Vietnam Hanoi, then heading all down the coastline, up diagonally through Cambodia, through to Thailand Bangkok and Phuket. Then flying to Singapore for a short stay, same with Kuala Lumpur and ending in New Zealand for 2 months, a month on each island. Getting very excited!

I'm quite an experienced traveller having grown up in an Army family that moved around constantly, however my partner Dan was born and raised in Dorset, UK. Longest and biggest holiday he had was a Family holiday to New Zealand for a month at the age of 10. So this is a big thing for him, we are both nervous to see how he likes it. In the long run we are hoping to commit to full time travel but of course that will depend on how he enjoys it. I on the other hand can't stay still, I get itchy feet if I'm too still for too long!

So fingers crossed for us! I will be updating this shortly after the 14th :)
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