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Hi All,
I originally purchased the premium watchmaker app.Now it allows you to select premium version and wanted $AU 6 fir it.

Hi All,
I had a LG Urbane ans it had everything i wanted and needed but its looking like its dead.
Any suggestions for a new watch?

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Hi Im hoping the brains trust can help me.
I had to reset my phone galaxy s6 and my lg urbane. I have not been able to download any watch faces...all i get is a message saying that i need to download an app to read this file.
Hereeelp! Never had this issue before

Hi Folks!
Im having problems with the WatchMaker app.
For some reason prts of my storef watches are disappearing. Anyone have the same problem?

This is driving me mad.I had downloaded an old casio digital watch which was exactly like the original complete with running man animation for the stopwatch and an animated phone for the slarm etc.Do we have it here as im not sure how to search it.If anyone can help it would me much appreciated. 

Firstly I want to thank everyone for their fantastic watches. I love watches but didn't realise there were so many brands.
It's anazing that so many creative people from all around the world can get together in such a positive environment.
Where is everyone from?
Im from Sydney Australia

Hi Ryan,
But will this wirk on tbe Samsung Galaxy VR?

When can we see more new watches

First off i have to say that its great to see so many creative people there and thanks for your sharing but i have to ask a dopey do i update my weather. It seems to stay where i install my watch face.
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